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Ice cream – whether you view it as a daily essential or a rare luxury – few of us go a year without having some. That’s one of the reasons why opening an ice cream shop today is a great idea. Despite the seasonality of this business (it’s most popular during the summer months), working with ice cream means that you have an enduringly attractive product to sell and one that’s always likely to be in demand. If you’re considering opening a commercial ice cream shop these are the top 3 benefits.

1. A simple business – suited to being a second job

Working in ice cream doesn’t require a degree in astrophysics or a commitment to long hours of complicated planning. This is a fairly straightforward business where the real money is to be made by combining a great experience, and fantastic service, with delicious, fresh products. The benefit here is that it doesn’t have to be your main occupation. If you’re looking for a way to make additional cash that isn’t going to require too much effort or brainpower to make it work, an ice cream shop is ideal. Many people choose to do this as a second job – in fact, if you love ice cream enough it may not feel like work at all.

2. Flexibility and freedom

As the owner of your own ice cream shop you’ll have the freedom to make all the key decisions yourself, whether that relates to the décor of the store or the flavours that you stock. There is also much more flexibility when it comes to accommodating your lifestyle choices too. Flexible working hours are one of the biggest benefits of having your own ice cream shop – you can define your working hours in a way that suits you. So, whether you have studies, a family or other responsibilities that you need to make time for, with the flexibility of an ice cream shop you’ll be able to ensure that your life works.

3. The potential for impressive growth and profits

Ice cream stores can generate considerable profits and, especially if you find a loyal local customer base, you’ll be able to build a thriving enterprise. Location will be key to ensuring that you get the footfall you need to bring customers through the door. An emphasis on service is also essential – get to know your target audience, their preferences and tastes. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re stocking the best, freshest produce and that you have marketing tools in place to help get the word out. This could include building a website, giving out flyers, setting up a social media profile to publicise the business or taking out adverts in the local press.

If you’re considering opening an ice cream store these are just some of the benefits. From the potential for profit through to the flexibility that this offers in terms of lifestyle there are some good reasons to consider it no matter what your current situation.