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The Waterside Inn | Bray
Pastry & Catering Case Study

There are just a handful of restaurants that are renowned the world over for truly exceptional gastronomy and have achieved legendary status – The Waterside Inn being one of those. Opened in 1972 by brothers, Michel and Albert Roux, the restaurant has transformed the British culinary scene beyond recognition and become the first restaurant outside of France to hold three Michelin stars for 35 years so far.

To this day, The Waterside Inn retains its incredible reputation, enticing food fanatics from across the globe to visit the pretty quintessentially British, village of Bray-on-Thames in Berkshire. Now under the leadership of Chef Patron, Alain Roux, son of founder Michel Roux, alongside Head Chef Fabrice Uhryn, the restaurant continues to lead the way, adopting a unique, modern take on classical French gastronomy.

“My brother Albert and I were looking for the right opportunity to open a restaurant outside of London and The Waterside Inn provided just that” explains Michel Roux. “As a small village pub, it was clear it needed work, but its wonderful location right on the bank of the River Thames was exactly what we were looking for. We never wanted to change The Waterside Inn name, as we felt it was important to retain this identity.”

It’s clear from talking to Mr Roux, that despite being a chef for more than 60 years, his passion for the finest standards of cooking remain as strong as ever.

“The success of The Waterside Inn is a question of spirit, philosophy and family. We have people who’ve worked with us for 10, 15, or even 20 years. We care about our team in the same way we care about the quality of our food. You can’t make people do something they don’t want to do, so why try.” This is something that Mr Roux believes is behind the continued success of the restaurant, “The service at The Waterside Inn is like a great ballet, it starts in the kitchen where the team use the very best ingredients and cooking techniques to create a symphony of flavours, and it finishes in the restaurant, where the front of house team offer the perfect ambience and setting for our guests to relax and enjoy their food.”