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Artisan Gelato Machines

The definition of Artisan is “a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that makes things by hand”. Today machines may help us, but the philosophy remains. Gelato is healthier and lower in fat than ice cream, made in small batches using fresh, natural ingredients and is served at a warmer temperature for a more intense flavour. View our machines


The Gelato Journey

To produce good gelato you need quality raw ingredients and to follow a key process:

There are 5 core steps, in the process of making artisan gelato:

1. Pasteurisation

Pasteurisation is a heat treatment that ensures the safety of the ingredients and preservation of the gelato. After heating, the liquid mixture remains at an elevated temperature for the time necessary to guarantee the process; then cooled rapidly before being stored at a maximum of +4°c.

2. Homogenisation

Gelato is produced by continuously stirring a mixture containing milk, sugar and natural flavourings as it freezes. A mixer is an  indispensable tool for mixing, homogenising and diffusing any solid or fibrous ingredients into the mix. This helps obtain a consistent,  uniform base.

3. Production

Any syrup or flavours that are required are introduced into the cylinder and mixed through with the agitator. During this phase, the machine incorporates air into the mix and begins to freeze as the base makes contact with the side of the cylinder, forming tiny crystals  which give gelato its smooth characteristic.

4. Blast Freeze

The gelato is extracted from the machine at -7/ -9°c and should then be placed in a freezer capable of further reducing the core temperature to -12°c as quickly as possible. This helps to keep the structure, texture and taste of the gelato while in storage or when served.

5. Store, Display and Serve

Carpigiani provide a wide range of display cabinets, each one perfect for displaying your artisan gelato safely and attractively. For more information on our range, see the ‘display & design’ section.

I had been considering setting up a gelato business for a number of years. With limited knowledge and experience myself, I took the decision to sign up for an intensive course which would at least allow me to understand the basics. Having researched different options, I decided to join the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy.”

My team and I worked closely with Carpigiani UK, who helped us design the layout and worked closely with us to specify the equipment we would need to handle the extensive range we wanted to offer and the peak demand we expected to generate.”

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