Frozology Masterclass - The frozen mixology and chilled drinks masterclass

The world’s leading gelato and ice cream equipment manufacturer, Carpigiani UK, is ready to give customers chills (but not as you know it!) with the launch of its brand-new ‘Frozology Masterclass’ – a dedicated course specialising in the art of chilled and frozen drinks..

Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, pub, or even café owner, if your drinks menu needs spinning in a new direction then the new frozen mixology and chilled drinks masterclass, brought to you by Carpigiani UK in association with V AIR, is definitely for you!.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to Frozen Beverages
  • History & Evolution
  • Types of Frozen Beverages
  • Ingredients and Flavour Science
  • The Science of Freezing
  • Latest Technology and Machines
  • Recipe Development and Innovation
  • Hands On Practical Sessions.
  • Customer Service & Experience
Frozology Masterclass Overview

Course Details

Course Objective

Master the art of frozen beverages with our comprehensive course, focusing on innovative techniques, machine mastery, recipe development, and efficient service strategies.

Who is it for?

This course is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, Bar, Cafe & Restaurant owners, baristas, and anyone passionate about mastering the craft of frozen beverages.

Timings & Costs

Duration: The course lasts 1 day. Starting at 10:00am and ends approximately at 15:00pm inc. lunch.

Charges: £35 +VAT (to cover admin, lunch & cancellations) - After completion you will receive a voucher for this amount off any machine purchases

Why Should I attend?

The drinks sector is a really exciting place right now, but it’s also very competitive, so we’re ready to shake things up for businesses wanting to add flair to their menu and stand out from the crowd with our new Frozology Masterclass, in association with V AIR.

Our new specialist course adds a whole new level of possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs, bar, café, and restaurant owners; together with baristas, and anyone passionate about mastering the craft of frozen beverages. With the V AIR range, it’s all about serving customers with memorable experiences – from frozen cocktails to refreshing juices – and supporting operators during peak times with simple and reliable machines that can produce high-quality drinks time and time again.

Our immersive session, led by our own dedicated frozologists, will include both theory and practical elements to help attendees understand the best business practices, learn the history of frozen drinks, and get hands-on with creative concepts and recipes that we can help tailor to their individual business needs.

They will have the opportunity to learn about the latest product trends, tips and techniques; and join the huge profit opportunity that presents itself through the recent explosion in demand for chilled and frozen drink specialities – whether it be frozen cocktails, bubble teas or Kombuchas, we’ll dive into the science and show you ‘what’ and ‘how’, utilising the game-changing equipment platforms brought to you by Carpigiani and V AIR.

What products will you experience?

SMART 2b front view

V AIR SMART+ Frozen Beverage & Slush maker

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161K Shake Maker

The 161K shake maker is packed with features including the unmatched 42 day cleaning cycle! find out more..



The latest in constant cocktail production, experience a cocktail machine like no other! find out more..

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