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Ice-O-Matic SafeIce Ice Machine Cleaning System


SafeIce generates a reactive gas mixture which binds to and eliminates microbes on contact.

 Photoplasma gas is heavier than air and cascades into your bin, sterilizing your entire machine from the evaporator plate down.

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Ensure the safest ice possible for you and your customers

Reduce Yeast, Viruses & Micro-organisms in Ice Maker & Ice Bin

Increases the machine’s expected lifespan
by up to 30%

Simple maintenance-free design with easy annual bulb replacement

Three years warranty parts & labour factory installed


SafeIce Protection

Forms a constant protective layer of sterile air over your ice bin which destroys contaminants within seconds.

Reduce Downtime

Decreases technical malfunctions and downtime.

Cost Effective

Helps reduce equipment cleanings and associated costs.

Tech Specs

Factory Installed SafeIce Unit

Built-In factory-installed SafeIce Sanitation System is available on selected models by adding an "S" to the end of Model Number (ex: CIM0535FAS).

Upgrade Kit 

CODE: KSI-1   (for CIM machines made after January 1st, 2021KSI-1)

Bulb Replacement

CODE: 9101417-01


SafeIce Brochure

SafeIce Spec Sheet

Ice Pure And Simple

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