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Gelato University was established in 2003 to educate students in the art of artisan gelato and soft serve ice cream. Today, Carpigiani Gelato University is recognised internationally for developing successful gelato entrepreneurs around the world. Featuring a comprehensive training programme, cutting edge teaching and a team of internationally recognised Gelato Masters, over 6,000 students globally pass through our courses each year.

Introductory sessions

Carpigiani UK is proud to offer a complete range of courses in locations around the country. Our monthly taster sessions are ideal for anyone interested in gelato and the significant profit opportunity that artisan gelato can achieve. So whether you’re looking for new ideas, techniques, or recipe inspiration, check out our website for the next available date for an introductory course near you.

Taking the Next Step

We offer a range of more advance courses for those looking to understand more about the science, the production process and more advanced techniques such as fruit gelato, gelato on a stick, single portion desserts and gelato cakes. From one to five days, the courses are held around the country, run by our very own, highly experienced, Development and Training Chefs. Upon completion you will have the knowledge to create your very own recipes, strategically planning the perfect mix to create a bespoke offering for your business or kitchen. Upon completion, you will receive a special certificate of your participation, demonstrating your commitment to producing wonderful frozen desserts, artisan gelato and sorbet.

Courses on Offer

Introduction to Gelato

This Introductory course is catered for potential gelato entrepreneurs who want to find out basic knowledge on how to produce high quality authentic gelato.


Basic Course

The Basic course is a the next step following Intro to Gelato. Designed to take participants through the pure basics of getting started with Artisan Gelato.


Intermediate Course

The Intermediate course is designed to take participants to next level following completion of the Basics Course. This course looks at the science behind mastering Gelato..


Advanced Course

The Advanced course is for participants who have successfully completed the Basic and Intermediate Gelato University Courses. Including a deeper dive into the science of Gelato and advanced techniques.

Why Sign Up to Gelato University?

What Our Graduates Think

Find out why some of the leading names in the industry through to the next generation up and coming entrepreneurs decided to study with the Gelato University.

Menu inspiration for Local business

I've been a member since the dessert club started - it is packed with great content and ideas and helped me craft a dessert offering that my customers love!

Burger Restaurant in Hereford

Inspiring webinars & expert advice

The webinars are packed with tips and tricks and live chat is great to be able to get expert advice and guidance..

Julie Redford
Cafe in Nottingham

Fresh, engaging tips from Chef Jo!

I've learnt so much in a short time, some really good ideas and love the insta page with regular fresh content from Chef Jo!

Robert Allen
Head Chef

Are you the next Gelato Entrepreneur?

Gelato University concentrates on delivering “the art and science of gelato production, the comprehensive training of gelato entrepreneurs, and the promotion of Italian gelato as a natural and flavourful food suitable for all cultures. Our students learn from our professional and expert technicians whilst working with our state-of-the-art gelato machines and facilities. Successful graduates of our University are able to bring back all the skills they have learned to open or perfect their own Italian gelato enterprise anywhere around the world.