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The year is 2024, and connection is absolutely key.

From managing bookings and music playlists to social media and online reviews, the hospitality industry is getting more and more connected to enhance the customer experience. But what about hospitality teams to help with bar service?
During peak service times and seasonal surges, customer-facing bar teams need more support than ever. But in a time where it can be challenging to attract, train, and retain skilled workers, the industry needs to evolve. In this digital era, there is a fine balance to be struck between streamlining manual tasks and implementing tech-driven solutions to drive and support efficiency to help operators serve smarter!

Summer Shakes Blog

Shake it up this Summer
Milkshakes have made a consumption shift, no longer just a staple drink of the summer season, they have jumped the boundary into an all-season drink as well as crossing over into the dessert category and appealing to pretty much all age groups. Not bad going for a drink that used to be made from a powder and targeted to young children.

Gelato University 20th Anniversary

Gelato University is 20 Years old!

We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary this year.  20 years of Carpigiani Gelato University. Who would’ve thought that in 2003 when we started, some 20 years later we’d have over 70,000 graduates across 21 countries?

Following two decades of educating and training in the art of making authentic Italian gelato, Gelato University has become a world-renowned institution for gelato-making, attracting students from all over the globe.

From Waste to Wealth: How Sustainable Practices Can Boost Your Business's Bottom Line

From Waste to Wealth: How Sustainable Practices Can Boost Your Business's Bottom Line

Sustainability is gaining even more importance in business operations, and we’re finding operators are discovering more ways to build sustainable practices into their busineses all the time.  Whether environmentally or economically, the ability to sustain, reuse and recycle is making an impact. So here we have our latest tips and tricks to help you to save money and to save the planet!

Veganuary.. is it a 31 day challenge?

Veganuary… is it a 31 day challenge?

The plant-based movement has had a phenomenal influence on the hospitality industry. Flexitarian diets are on the rise and with the added help of the Veganuary campaign, it looks as if this lifestyle is here to stay.

In 2022, more than 629,000 people signed up for Veganuary and of those, 83% planned to make their temporary diet, permanent! With plant based firmly entrenched, it’s key for menus to make more than a gesture towards this movement and to embrace the potential for sales.

Not sure where to start? Have no fear, our creative development chef has all the knowledge to help you navigate a plant based menu this Veganuary and beyond.

Festive Flavours to Your Jingle Bells

Festive Flavours to Your Jingle Bells

We love a festive spice, think cardamon, cinnamon, clove, gingerbread, orange….  the list is endless. The hard part is choosing your favourites to create delicious desserts.  More than any other time of the year your customers will indulge in desserts after their Christmas meal, so make it a meal to remember.  From the classic panettone or Christmas pud to the tastebud tantalising orange, cranberry and dark chocolate, read on for some menu inspiration.

Service Support

We’re with you for the long term

Innovation is at our core, from our self-pasteurising technology that lengthens the cleaning cycle to 42 days, to our HE batch freezers that deliver savings of around 30% in electricity and water consumption, our ethos is to research, design and deliver premium equipment that keeps our brand at the leading edge of technology, and gives our customers the best gelato machines in the world.

How can we help

Can we help?

Are you looking to add artisan gelato to your food service menu or maybe premium soft serve (aka Mr. Whippy style) to your café or do you want to jump on the shakes trend or set up your own dessert shop from scratch? How about creating your own crème patisserie? Carpigiani has the equipment you need, the information to help you to decide what works best for you and the team in place to give you unapparelled support.

The Art and Science of Gelato

The Science of Gelato

When you first start learning about the art and science behind the perfect gelato, you’ll wish you’d paid more attention during Chemistry lessons. Ice crystals, fat droplets and air bubbles, it’s an equation that needs to be perfectly balanced to create the perfect Italian gelato.

Carpigiani Gelato University

Gelato University

Established in 2003 to educate students in the art of artisan gelato and soft serve ice cream, today, Carpigiani Gelato University is recognised internationally for developing successful gelato entrepreneurs around the world. Featuring a comprehensive training programme, cutting edge teaching and a team of internationally recognised Gelato Masters, over 6,000 students globally pass through our courses each year.


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