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Carpigiani UK Ltd is the direct trading subsidiary of its parent company, Carpigiani Ali Spa, the undisputed leading manufacturer in the ice cream equipment world for over 70 years.

Carpigiani UK boasts staff with a vast amount of experience and with access to world-renowned ‘Ice Cream Masters’ and technical experts – our key to this knowledge pool is the key to your success. We have a direct sales force covering the entire UK ready to receive your enquiry now.

All our equipment is supplied including delivery, installation and operator training as standard.

The organisation also manages spare parts provision, training facilities and all pre and post-sales services including the ‘Carpigiani Gelato University’ – from our HQ in Hereford and further locations in Glasgow and Reading.

soft serve 191G classic

The 191 G AV has agitiation as standard and holds 18L liquid in the upper tank. Production is 4 portions (75g) per minute or approx 240 per hour.

Soft Serve XVL 3 classic

The XVL3 P has agitiation as standard and holds 13L+13L liquid in the upper tanks. Production is 12 portions (75g) per minute or approx 720 per hour.

ARTISAN GELATO Pastomaster 60 HE

The Pastomaster HE is the latest range of pasteurisers, offering increased speed and efficiency of performance, additional programs for prodcution of different products and concentrated mixes.


Floor standing Maestro HE 2* batch freezer with heating for multiple pastry, cream and chocolate programs, minimum 1.5kg and maximum 7.5kg liquid added per batch.

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