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Ordering food via Instagram

COVID-19 has forced a rethink for many business, especially those in the food industry. With whole populations across the world now forced to stay at home and restaurants closed it has become essential to find new ways to get products to consumers. Small businesses...

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Our top 11 facts about gelato

Whether you eat gelato all year round or you’re saving it for the spring and summer months there are 11 facts about this tasty treat that you have to know. “Gelato” comes from the Italian “congelato,” which means frozen. It’s not like every other frozen treat out...

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Our favourite Italian Gelato flavours

Italian gelato is a great year round treat, whether you’re wandering the streets of Rome or Milan or enjoying it at home. The range of gelato available can be vast and there are so many different options to try. When it comes to flavours, these can usually be broken...

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