Modern Slavery Statement


Carpigiani UK Ltd is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms within our business operations and supply chain. We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards and ensure that our business practices are free from any form of exploitation or forced labour.

Our zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery is underpinned by the following key principles:

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations: We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations relating to modern slavery, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We expect all employees, suppliers, and business partners to comply with these laws and uphold the same standards.

  2. Risk assessment: We regularly assess the risks of modern slavery within our business operations and supply chain. This includes conducting due diligence on suppliers and business partners to ensure that they share our commitment to ethical practices.

  3. Transparency and accountability: We are committed to transparency in our supply chain and will work collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure that they understand and adhere to our modern slavery policy. We will hold ourselves and our partners accountable for any breaches of this policy.

  4. Training and awareness: We provide training and resources to all employees on the signs of modern slavery and how to report any concerns or suspicions. We also engage with our suppliers and business partners to raise awareness of the issue and promote best practices.

  5. Reporting and monitoring: We have established mechanisms for reporting and investigating any incidents or allegations of modern slavery within our business or supply chain. We will take appropriate action to address any violations of our policy.

  6. Continuous improvement: We are committed to continuously improving our practices and procedures to prevent modern slavery. We will review and update our policy regularly to ensure that it remains effective and relevant.

This modern slavery policy applies to all employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners of Carpigiani UK Ltd. We expect everyone associated with our business to uphold our commitment to eradicating modern slavery and promoting ethical practices.

Paul Ingram
Managing Director
31st January 2024