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Artisan Gelato Case Study 

Founded in 2014 by Antonio De Vecchi and Daniele Taverna, Gelato Village, located in Leicester’s stylish, Saint Martins Square, offers true, authentic, Italian Gelato made using some of the finest ingredients

Originally from Turin, Italy, Antonio and Daniele established the business on a simple passion for creating the best flavours, something that can only be achieved by sourcing the world-class ingredients. Committed to never using artificial preservatives, flavours or emulsifiers, the team freshly make their gelato every single day. This dedication to quality is something that Antonio remains devoted to, commenting:

“With our Italian heritage and passion for food, launching Gelato Village in 2014 was something Daniele and I had been planning for a while. We knew from the outset that for our business to deliver true, authentic gelato we both adore so much, we not only needed to formulate our own recipes, but those recipes needed to be made with only the finest ingredients. After training at the prestigious Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, we set about sourcing these ingredients. Whether grown locally or sourced from around the world, we were looking for the very best. For example, our milk and cream comes from rare bread, Red Poll cows at Belvoir Ridge Creamery and is delivered to us daily, giving our gelato its incredible flavour and wonderful texture. We source our pistachios from a supplier in Bronte, Sicily which considered by many to be the finest in the world, while the chocolate we use in our gelato and sorbet comes from a grower on the Ivory Coast, where the climate for growing cocoa beans is perfect year round.”