Elevation Ice Machine


The new and ground-breaking Elevation Series from Ice-O-Matic is designed to simplify life.

This slimline modular cube ice makers is easy to clean, easy to service, simple to operate, and environmentally responsible without sacrificing productivity.

The Elevation Series provides clean, dependable ice from an astonishingly user-friendly and energy-efficient machine designed to work as hard as you.

This Ice makers is compatible with a range of ice bins depending on your sites ice requirements.  They are available in either 'Half' or 'Full' cube options.

CIM-22-Head-Only (1)
half cube icon
Full cube icon
CIM0825   22 inch bin
CIM-22-Head-Only (1)
half cube icon
Full cube icon
CIM0825   22 inch bin

Key Features

'Full Cube' or 'Half Cube' Ice

This ice machine can be ordered to produce either 'Full' (CIM0825F) or 'Half' (CIM0825H) cubes.



- Smart LED light indicates machine status and when cleaning is required.
- Plastic Food Zone eliminates hard-to-clean areas allowing for effortless wipe down and easy, long-lasting sanitation.
- Built in Agion® ensures unbeatable antimicrobial protection.

High Volume Ice Production

Produces up to 418kg / 24hr.


Unique Dual Exhaust

Air-cooled machines are designed to discharge hot air from both the side and top of the unit, increasing installation flexibility and reducing the potential of obstructed exhaust.


Universal Smart HarnessTM

Universal Smart HarnessTM control board simplifies installation and servicing with better access, digital diagnostics, universal components and common configuration.

Energy and Environment

- Exceeds new 2018 DOE (Department of Energy) regulations.
- Up to 20% more energy efficient than other models.
- Environmentally friendly, including BPA-free plastic and recyclable parts.


Easy access to Ice

All of our bins feature large, smooth opening doors ensuring it is easy to access ice at all times.

Highly Configurable

The CIM0825 can be paired with any of the following bins B25, B40, B55.

Tech Specs


Width: 565mm

Depth: 616mm

Height: 683mm (incl. legs)


Minimum allowed supply water pressure: 1.0-4.0 bar

Maximum incoming water pressure: 4.1 bar

Minimum incoming water temperature: 4.5 °C

Maximum incoming water temperature: 38°C


Amps Required: 16A 1 Phase 


Ice Cube Style: Full/Half

Net Weight: 68kg

Ice Production 10°C Water  21°C Air: 418kg/24hr

Ice Production 21°C Water 32°C Air: 329kg/24hr


Condensing Unit: Air

Air Cooled Units: Yes

Integral Drain Pump: No

Downloads for CIM0825F

CIM0825F Specification Sheet

CIM0825F Installation Manual

CIM0825F Spare Parts Manual

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CIM-22-Head-Only (1)-1


  • Ice Type: Full or Half Cube
  • Size : 565 mm (w) x 616 mm (d) x 683 mm (h)
  • Daily Productionup to 425 kg/24hr
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