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Carpigiani Soft Serve Machines

Soft serve is a delicious soft whipped ice cream or yogurt served on a cone, in a cup, with a dessert, as a sundae or even as a base for a thick shake. To make soft serve ice cream you can create a freshly made mix which is your own bespoke recipe using raw ingredients such as good milk and cream, or simply buy a pre-made liquid or powder base which is ready to go by adding to the machine.

World Class Machines

A Carpigiani soft serve machine turns fresh ingredients into sumptuously creamy product, ready to serve in a matter of minutes. Lighter than air, the smooth texture and speed at which it can be prepared ensure fresh soft ice cream or frozen yogurt available instantly on demand.

Premium Quality, Express Services

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If you need to offer a quality dessert in a time pressurised environment then a Carpigiani soft serve machine should be your solution.

A soft serve dessert need not be any compromise on quality. Using natural ingredients or a premium ready made base mix, a soft serve dessert offering can deliver a fresh fragrant product difficult to beat. Liquid base mix is preserved perfectly within the upper, refrigerated hopper of all Carpigiani soft serve machines. When product is dispensed by the operator liquid mix is frozen instantaneously, thereby ensuring freshness and consistency but availability in large quantities on demand. Premium quality, express service.

Having recently updated their appliances, their portfolio includes the Carpigiani EVD soft serve machine, an AES 261 P/SP self-pasteurising, soft serve machine and a Multiple Choice milkshake machine.

We’ve used Carpigiani machines here at Brean Leisure Park for over thirty years. Extremely reliable, capable of producing wonderful soft serve ice cream and with a long product life cycle, we are delighted by the equipment. We’ve previously tried appliances by another leading ice cream equipment manufacturer that just didn’t compare to Carpigiani equipment and the service you receive from the company.”

“Eating an ice cream in the sun is what holiday memories are made of. Offering our guests a choice of ice cream in Riccardo’s Ice Cream Parlour, soft serve in the Brean Splash Café and ice cream based milkshakes in the Wimpy franchise, we needed machines that would not only produce a delicious ice cream but that would also remain reliable, simple to use and able to cope with substantial demand on a busy day.

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