Ice Storage Bins


Our most popular Ice-o-Matic B55 Ice machine storage bin is perfect solution for high quality ice storage.

Its simple design allows it to sit securely underneath an Ice-O-Matic modular ice machine and hold ice in a hygienic, efficient way.

The attractive design is ideal for front of house use and includes features such as a hygienic and convenient built-in scoop holder, so you never have to search for a scoop again.  Polyethylene bin liners and advanced foam insulation helps to improve  the ice preservation by slowing down the melting process, meaning more ice for customers.

B55 bin

Key Features

High Capacity Ice Storage

The large capacity Ice-O-Matic B55 Ice Storage Bin holds 232Kg of Ice.

Advanced Foam Insulation

The polyethylene bin liner is insulated with foam for maximum ice preservation — 1.5" to 3" (38 mm to 76 mm).

Built-in Scoop Holder

This model comes with a convenient and hygienic built-in ice scoop holder to ensure this is kept clean and prevents the scoop being misplaced.

Sturdy Adjustable Legs

Ice-O-Matic's slope bins all feature sturdy adjustable NSF approved legs.


Easy Access To Ice

Ice-O-Matic's sloped bin door design ensures easy and efficient access to the Ice.

Strong & Durable

Each Ice-O-Matic Bin has a durable Aluminium finish to stand up to the demands of busy kitchens and bars.

Tech Specs


Width: 762mm

Depth: 787mm

Height: 1270mm (adjustable legs)

Bin Storage

Storage Capacity: 232Kg


Downloads for B55 Bin

Bin B55 Specification Sheet

Bin B55 Spare Parts Manual

Ice Storage Bin Options

B25 Bin

B25 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 762 (W) x 711 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 112Kg

B40 Bin

B40 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 762 (W) x 953 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 156Kg

B42 Bin

B42 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 559 (W) x 1270 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 160Kg

B110 Bin

B110 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 1219 (W) x 1270 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 388Kg