About the Challenge

The Carpigiani Gelato Challenge is an illustrious event where gelato chefs from around the UK compete to create the finest gelato flavour. Each participant will produce a single pan (5 litres) of gelato in just 30 minutes, showcasing their creativity, skill, and passion

How to Enter

  • Register Now: Fill out the online entry form.
  • Prepare Your Recipe: Bring your best gelato flavour to the competition
  • Join Us on Event Day: Compete at your chosen location and date.
  • Equipment Provided: Batch freezers, Turbomix, and all essential gelato-making tools. Refrigeration and freezing facilities to store your creations.

Event Dates

7th November 2024:
Park Royal Development Kitchen, London

14th November 2024:
Carpigiani UK Head Office, Hereford

Event Schedule

8:30 AM

Arrival & Registration

9:00 AM

Competition Rounds ( includes shifts every 30 Minutes)

5:30 PM

Jury Evaluation


Awards Ceremony

All participants will receive a Diploma of Participation and the opportunity to network during the event.Why Carpigiani?

Judging Criteria

40 %


20 %


30 %


10 %


Why Carpigiani?

Carpigiani is the global leader in artisan gelato and soft serve machines, renowned for its innovative and reliable equipment. Our events are designed to foster creativity, innovation, and excellence in gelato making.

Why Enter?

  • Prestigious Competition: Compete with the best gelato artisans in the UK.
  • Expert Judging: Get your creations evaluated by top local chefs, experts, and gourmet journalists.
  • European Finals: The winner advances to the European Finals of the Gelato Festival World Masters in Italy.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow artisans and industry experts.

How does a Carpigiani Challenge work?

  1. During the competition day, the gelato artisan brings his/her own already-pasteurised mix (minimum 5 litres) ready to batch freeze in the production area made available by the Carpigiani team, where each gelato maker will use a Carpigiani machine.
  2. Each participant has to fill and decorate a tray for the display case and prepare a polystyrene container for the judges.
  3. After all gelato makers have prepared their flavour, the jury tastes and evaluates them.
  4. The judges evaluate each flavour following these parameters:
    1. Taste - 40% of the final score
    2. Structure - 30% of the final score
    3. Creativity - 20% of the final score
    4. Verbal and aesthetic presentation (in the display case) - 10% of the final score
  5. The awards ceremony takes place in the afternoon when the winning flavours are announced
Gelatiera al lavoro 1

Event Highlights

Live Demos:
Enjoy live demonstrations of Carpigiani equipment in action.

Expert Sessions:
Learn from leading gelato masters.

Networking Opportunities:
Meet fellow artisans, journalists, and chefs.

Commercial Activities:
Explore the latest innovations in gelato-making technology.

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Gruppo gelatieri
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Gelatiera al lavoro - decorazione vaschetta
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Gelatieri con vetrina e docente
Decorazione gelato dettaglio