Full Cube Style Ice Machine


The ICEU225F produces full ice cubes - the perfect complement to any cocktail or beverage - make drinks look and taste better with this long-lasting classic ice cube. The most popular choice for large volume applications like bagging and bulk cooling.

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Key Features

Integrated Storage

Ice making and storage in one small ice machine - ideal for any undercounter or bar application. 

Harvest Assist

Harvest Assist provides consistent ice production for the life of the ice maker while reducing energy consumption and increasing capacity.

Superior Construction

Durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel on the inside and a durable stainless finish and industrial-grade fingerprint-proof plastic. 

Space-saving Design

Space-saving undercounter footprint with contemporary styling.

PURE ICE Built-in Antimicrobial Protection

Built-in anti-microbial protection for the life of the ice maker inhibits bacteria growth on ice maker surfaces. Ice-O-Matic's optional water filtration system provides protection against unpleasant tastes, odors, and scale formation.

Integrated Storage

Ice making and storage in one small ice machine that fits under most counters.


Front-air ventilation 

Our self-contained ice makers have front air ventilation meaning that it can easily be positioned undercounter without any space restrictions to the sides of the machine.

Tech Specs


Width: 610mm

Depth: 610mm

Height: 991mm (incl. legs)


Minimum allowed supply water pressure: 1.0-4.0 bar

Maximum incoming water pressure: 4.1 bar

Minimum incoming water temperature: 4.5 °C

Maximum incoming water temperature: 38°C


Amps Required: 13A 1 Phase


Ice Cube Style: Full

Bin Storage: 34kg

Net Weight: 78kg

Ice Production 10°C Water 10°C Air: 96kg/24hr

Ice Production 15°C Water 21°C Air: 65kg/24hr


Condensing Unit: Air

Air Cooled Units: Yes


Downloads for ICEU225F

ICEU225F Specification Sheet

ICEU225F Installation Manual

ICEU225F Spare Parts Manual

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  • Size: 762(w) x 991(h) x 737(d)
  • Ice Production: 136Kg/24Hr
  • Bin Storage: 59Kg


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