Flake Style Ice Maker


Ice-O-Matic Flake Ice Makers offer a variety of practical, reliable options for carefree operation. Constructed for tight space restrictions and low height requirements, Ice-O-Matic Flake Ice Makers produce slow-melting quality ice, perfect for medical, restaurant, and supermarket environments.

MFI1255 (1)
Flake icon
MFI1255 on B55-1
MFI1255 (1)
Flake icon
MFI1255 on B55-1

Key Features

Flaked Ice Maker

Flake ice is ideal for presentation and preservation of seafood, produce, or perishable food items. Great for use in bakeries, food transport and healthcare applications. 

System Safe Load Monitoring System

Continuously checks workload on gearbox, shutting down system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs.

High Volume Ice Production

Produces up to 506 kg / 24hrs

Water sensor

Water sensor eliminates low or no water failures and can not be affected by adverse water conditions.

Robust, Heavy duty components

Industrial-grade dual-row roller bearings and heavy-duty gearbox provide years of trouble-free service.


Slow melting, clear ice

Ice-O-Matic flake ice makers all produce high quality slow melting and clear ice, perfect for medical, restaurant and supermarket environments.

Highly Configurable

The MFI1255 can be paired with any of the following bins: B25, B40, B42, B55, B110

Tech Specs


Width: 533mm

Depth: 610mm

Height: 686mm (incl. legs)


Minimum allowed supply water pressure: 1.0-4.0 bar

Maximum incoming Water Pressure: 4.1 bar

Minimum incoming Water Temperature: 4.5°C

Maximum incoming Water Temperature: 38°C


Amps Required: 16A 1 Phase


Ice Cube Style: Flake

Net Weight: 93kg

Ice Production 10°C Water 10°C Air: 506kg/24hr

Ice Production 15°C Water 21°C Air: 375kg/24hr


Condensing Unit: Air

Air Cooled Unit: Yes

Ice Storage Bin Options

Require Bin Kits to fit: B25, B40, B42, B55, B110


MFI1255 Specification Sheet

MFI1255 Installation Manual

MFI1255 Spare Parts Manual

Ice Storage Bin Options

B25 Bin

B25 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 762 (W) x 711 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 112Kg

B40 Bin

B40 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 762 (W) x 953 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 156Kg

B42 Bin

B42 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 559 (W) x 1270 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 160Kg

B55 bin

B55 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 762 (W) x 1270 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 232Kg

B110 Bin

B110 Bin

Dimensions (mm): 1219 (W) x 1270 (H) x 787 (D)

Bin Storage: 388Kg


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