Create, display, preserve: from Snack to Pizza, from Bread to Gelato and much more. Thanks to the extraordinary versatility of Mix, you can customize the offer of your shop, always ensuring for all your creations the maximum visibility.

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Every element of Mix is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail

  • Single-unit tank with rounded internal corners.
  • Removable stainless steel trays in the ventilated version.
  • Compact design.

Give your creations the visibility they deserve.

  • Display surface seamlessly aligned with the tank edge.
  • Anti-condensation internal glass.
  • High-performance LED lighting.

Choose from the many possible customisations.

  • Numerous types of services.
  • Wide choice of modules, including corners.
  • Different types of glass frames.

The lower supporting structure is made of tubular steel that is polyester-powder coated at a temperature of 180°C to guarantee excellent stability and long-term durability.

The single-unit tank, insulated with low-density injected polyurethane foam (40 Kg/m3), 50 mm (1.97”) thick, is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with internal rounded corners for easy cleaning. It also features an outer heating system to prevent condensation on all the surfaces, including the practical work top, 193 mm (7.60”) in depth.

Ventilated Cold snack service.

The display surface, flush fit to the edge of the tank for maximum visibility of the product on display, consists of removable stainless steel trays. You can access the bottom of the tank by removing the trays to perform routine cleaning. The electronic control panel is installed in the structure on the operator side, with a digital temperature repeater visible on the customer side.

Static Cold snack service.

The display surface coincides with the bottom of the stainless steel tank and is, therefore, lowered by 67 mm (2.63”) to keep the cold in to the benefit of the products being preserved. The digital thermometer, located on the customer side, shows the temperature inside the display case.

Cold/hot snack service (ventilated or static).

The display are consists of removable stainless steel trays, used for cold temperatures, and a white tempered glass surface placed on the bottom of the tank and fitted with resistive screen printing, which is the technology required for the dry hot service.

Bain-marie service.

The display surface has a stainless steel structure pre-configured to hold gastronorm trays and/or perforated plates. The display case tank is single, with only one water filling and drainage system controlled by a single thermostat.

Bread service.

The display is at room temperature and the surface, consisting of removable multilayer birch trays, has a handy crumb catcher drawer
in AISI 304 stainless steel to keep the display case tidy and for easy cleaning.

Pizza service.

The stainless steel display surface is fixed and fitted with bosses to accommodate pizza pans. The display case is in metal on the operator side with practical powder-painted metal sheet shelves and two ¼ drawers, the first with a lock.

Gelato service.

The display surface consists of the tank which houses a single row of pans with the option of adding a second storage row underneath, configuration possible with H 120 mm (4.72”) pans. In case of display case with a built-in condensing unit and customised panelling, a ventilation hole is required in the front panel or between the front panel and the plinth, to allow the air to be expelled and ensure that the display case works correctly.

Mix is available with static or ventilated refrigeration for uniform distribution of the cold air inside the display case.

Cold snack and Cold/hot snack services (ventilated or static). The evaporator, located in the upper part of the tank, is connected to the condensing unit through a duct inside the foam-lined body, and is accessible simply by removing the worktop.
The condenser, positioned on the operator side, can be accessed by disassembling the protection grille for easy cleaning operations. Defrosting is automatic with electric heating elements. In the display cases with on-board condensing unit, there is always a condensate evaporation pan, equipped with an “overflow” system and hot gas evaporation.
In the convertible version, it is possible to switch from cold service +4°C; +8°C (+39.2°F; +46.4°F) to dry hot service + 80°C (+176°F) and vice versa thanks to the toggle button.

All cold services with a positive temperature can be fitted with a storage compartment, H 419 mm (16.50”) with static refrigeration.
The compartment is powered by the same condensing unit as the display case while the temperature is controlled separately via the dedicated control panel. A solution which optimises the spaces and provides areas for storing fresh products, so they are always on hand thanks to the convenient fully extractable drawers.

Gelato service. The refrigeration is ventilated and includes:

  •  automatic hot gas defrosting and, for the display case with built-in condensing unit, a condensation evaporation pan;•
  • reverse cycle defrost (one cycle every 8 hours) for the display case with remote condensing unit.

The glass frame is available in 4 types and 2 heights:

  • High straight glass (VAD) H1350 mm (53.15”)
  • High curved glass (VAC) H 1350 mm (53.15”)
  • Low straight glass (VBD) H 1151 mm (45.32”)
  • Low straight glass with single front glass
    (VBD-R20) H 1151 mm (45.32”)

The freestanding glass frame offers a panorama of the products on display and rests on the tank structure to avoid any air ingress. The glass side, top and front panels of the glass frame are secured using stainless steel screws that lie flush to the glass and fastened together with a clear methacrylate joint mechanism to avoid protrusions and improve visibility A lowered glass panel is positioned inside the display case, on the customer side, to prevent condensation. The glass panel can be easily removed to make cleaning operations easier.

The front glass is tempered and has a drop-down opening system.

In the ventilated versions, the side panels are always made of glass heated by resistive screen printing.

In the static cold version, the side panels are made of a single tempered glass pane. On request, it is possible to replace the heated side panels which is recommended if the heat and humidity conditions are particularly critical.


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Why Choose MIX?

Freshly made

With Mix you can preserve and display many  specialties in the best way by choosing a cabinet with static or ventilated refrigeration, according to your needs. Thanks to a simple button you can switch your Mix from cold Snack service to dry hot Snack, changing your offer whenever you want, with the relieve of always have an impeccable conservation.


Perfection is in the details

Every detail of Mix is designed to enhance the products on the display, facilitate the operations’s work and ensure that your venue always has an impeccable style.

• The fixing glass mechanism eliminates any protrusion to the advantage of visual continuity.

• The monobloc tank with internal rounded corners and the stainless steel removable trays of the ventilated version, make cleaning as easy as possible.

• The compact dimensions and the reduced depth allow to optimize the shop space in the best possible way.

• The perfect integration of Mix with other Ifi counters and furniture ensures a uniform and harmonious layout.