The professional gelato display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration which creates a blanket of cold air directly over the whole surface of the product in turn guaranteeing perfect preservation of the gelato. The Sam 80 also benefits from two evaporators for increased refrigerating capabilities, and the ‘Reduced defrosting frequency’ monitoring in real time the cabinets exposure to ambient air conditions means the cabinet will only perform defrosting when necessary rather than scheduled, this can provide relative energy savings for the operator.

Sam 80 is available in three lengths, 1125mm (12 flavour), 1625mm (18 flavour) and 2125mm (24 flavour). This unit is also available in two heights which are 1200mm and 1350mm.The professional gelato display case with front glass at 90 degrees, only one metre deep.

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The RDF system reduces the number of defrosts, which are activated on the basis of the time the display case is actually open, benefiting the preservation of the gelato.
Energy savings and greater hygiene thanks to the combination of RDF and the HCS closure system, made with Plexiglas sliding doors.
6 different possible angles for the display top.
Double evaporator.
Stylish LED lighting give the Sam80 a classy and premium finish
Easy routine maintenance thanks to the filter that can be easily removed from the operator side.
Base on legs or flush-mounted wheels.


Multiple benefits in a single solution.

HCS (High-performance Closure System) is the high-performance rear locking system invented by Ifi to improve the quality of gelato storage, hygiene, and energy savings. The system, with the help of an integrated sensor, ensures a reduction in the number of defrost cycles based on the actual time the display case is open and limits the access of external air to serving time only.


1. Thanks to the reduced number of defrosts, and the reduced contacts between gelato and atmosphere, the gelato tastes and looks better;

2. HCS system reduces electricity consumption, with benefits for the environment, costs, and the condensing unit lifetime;

3. Beyond displaying gelato, the display case can work as a chiller cabinet.