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Holiday Resort Unity is one of the South West’s leading holiday and leisure destinations, including a theme park, waterpark, golf course, 200 acre holiday park and wide selection of catering outlets. Peak holiday season spans from February to November, so Catering Director, Bridget House has her work cut out to feed hungry guests during their visit. With ice cream based products being offered in a number of locations across the park, Bridget knew that the product needed to be of a consistent, high quality:

“Eating an ice cream in the sun is what holiday memories are made of. Offering our guests a choice of ice cream in Riccardo’s Ice Cream Parlour, soft serve in the Brean Splash Café and ice cream based milkshakes in the Wimpy franchise, we needed machines that would not only produce a delicious ice cream but that would also remain reliable, simple to use and able to cope with substantial demand on a busy day. We’ve used Carpigiani machines here at Brean Leisure Park for over thirty years. Extremely reliable, capable of producing wonderful soft serve ice cream and with a long product life cycle, we are delighted by the equipment. We’ve previously tried appliances by another leading ice cream equipment manufacturer that just didn’t compare to Carpigiani equipment and the service you receive from the company.”

Having recently updated their appliances, their portfolio includes the Carpigiani EVD soft serve machine, an AES 261 P/SP self-pasteurising, soft serve machine and a Multiple Choice milkshake machine. “With the majority of our staff being seasonal, we need the machines to be simple to operate and maintain, without compromising on quality. Each of the Carpigiani machines does just that, operated by a lever, a simple push button or touch screen menu with clear icons; they are extremely straightforward to use. Our senior managers are trained to study the builtin programmes which detail the number and size of portions, monitor cleaning cycles and perform maintenance checks, not only helping us with stock management but also sales projections and machine reliability going forward.”