Bring your masterpieces on stage with Chocolat, the display case designed for pralines and pastry chefs who want to embellish their creations and showcase them in a jewellery-type display. A genuine casket of glass and light in which every praline or pastry is lit up and individually celebrated, captivating all of the onlooker’s senses.

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Chocolat is conceived for the master chocolate makers wanting to give importance to their masterpieces, with a real and proper jeweller type
display: a theca of glass and light in which every praline is individually lit and enhanced in order to involve all the senses of the observer.

Chocolat is ideal as a free-standing display case, or can be connected to two or more display cases to create greatly fascinating and appealing compositions.

Chocolat is two display case in one: the same  display case can work as praline display case (+14°C, 45% MAXR.H.) or as patisserie display case (+4°/+8°C), by simply adjusting the controls panel in temperature and humidity.

Choose from the many possible customisations.

  • Adjustable LED spotlights.
  • LED lighting between panelling and plinth.
  • Customisable work surface in three different materials.
  • Practical neutral drawers on operator side.

Chocolat has a static refrigeration system.

Thanks to the possibility to control the internal
humidity, Chocolat is two display cases in one.

By simply adjusting the temperature and
humidity from the control panel, the same
display case can act as both:

  •  a Praline service with operating temperature
    +14°C/+18°C (+57.2°F/+64.4°F) and humidity regulation from 45% to 55%;
  •  a Pastry service with operating temperature
    +4°C/+8°C (+39.2°F/+46.4°F) and humidity regulation of 60%/65%.

Chocolat is a display case that can be installed free-standing or ducted with other Chocolat display cases to create highly captivating compositions.

The base, equipped with stiffening elements
and adjustable feet, is in tubular steel with epoxy powder coating and 180°C oven curing to guarantee utmost sturdiness and durability over time.

The tank is a monobloc insulated with high-density (40 Kg/m3) polyurethane, with minimum thickness 45 mm (1.77”).

The practical work surface on the operator side, 280 mm (11.02”) deep, can be customised
with various finishes:

  • AISI 304 BA polished stainless steel;
  • plywood with birch wood veneer in various hues;
  • marble, granite, composite.

The operator side can be equipped with ambient
temperature drawers to hold trays, ribbons or

  • 4 pull-out drawers in case of remote condensing unit;
  • 2 pull-out drawers and 2 false drawers with hidden ventilation slots in case of on-board condensing unit.

The drawers can be customised with the same finishes as the front panelling and sides.

The electronic control panel is inserted in the rear
structure with a digital temperature repeater visible to the customer.


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What is Chocolat?

Freshly made

With Chocolat, the appeal, flavour and properties of the food will remain perfectly intact.

The fixed double glazed front glass allows perfect thermal insulation, the static refrigeration with timed defrosting and the possibility to use the same display case with Praline or Pastry service, ensures the perfect preservation of your creations!

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Make up your Chocolat

Choose from the many possible customisations: adjustable LED spotlights, LED lighting between panelling and plinth, customisable work surface in three different materials, practical neutral drawers on operator side.


Showcase your talent

The top of the display case in tempered glass and grazing LED lighting on both customer and operator side give your creations the visibility they deserve.