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CLOUD Gelato Display

From whatever viewpoint, the gelato seems to float suspended in a cloud of light that can change colour and intensity at will. This same light seems to lift the entire display case off the ground, thanks to the backlit base that reduces in size from top to bottom. It is a glass case full of cold, whose simplicity and overall visibility are the result of brand new technological solutions, such as the invisible front air intake. Its depth of only one metre is a record for a professional display case with double evaporator.

Cloud is available in three lengths, 1200mm (12 flavour), 1700mm (18 flavour) and 2200mm (24 flavour).

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The Cloud displays your creations like no other display - with a large front glass and special lighting with 3 different RGB LED sources giving your creations the visibility they deserve.


With Cloud, the flavour, appeal and properties of the food will remain perfectly intact. The HCS closure system, twin fan condenser, fast and diversified defrosting allow you to perfectly preserve your products and display them at a height of 8 cm from the edge of the gelato pan.

Every element of Cloud is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail.
• Base with unique and illuminated design.
• Tank lined with backlit tempered white glass.
• Compact professional display case.



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Multiple benefits in a single solution.

HCS (High-performance Closure System) is the high-performance rear locking system invented by Ifi to improve the quality of gelato storage, hygiene, and energy savings. The system, with the help of an integrated sensor, ensures a reduction in the number of defrost cycles based on the actual time the display case is open and limits the access of external air to serving time only.


1. Thanks to the reduced number of defrosts, and the reduced contacts between gelato and atmosphere, the gelato tastes and looks better;

2. HCS system reduces electricity consumption, with benefits for the environment, costs, and the condensing unit lifetime;

3. Beyond displaying gelato, the display case can work as a chiller cabinet.