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A display case with a unique look in which shape and feature merge like the visual appeal and the flavour of your pastry-making art. Free from weights, decorations and overhead structures, Colonna is an illuminated island where the first-class creations of your artisan expertise meet your customers’ desire.

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Colonna features ventilated refrigeration and its exclusive layout allows for gentle air circulation  over the product, which is especially important  when preserving pastries and praline confectionery. Colonna is always supplied with an on-board condensing unit and condensate evaporation pan with an overflow system.

The display case is defrosted electrically and with hot gas. The Praline service allows you to adjust the humidity from 45% to 55% and can be converted for Pastry service by simply setting the temperature and humidity on the control panel +4°C; +8°C (+39.2°F; +46.4°F) with 60%/65% R.H.

Colonna is a pastry and praline confectionery display case which incorporates two elements in a single design which are perfect for [reservation and display:

  •  The column - a vertical element which houses the technological core of the display case.
  • The display case - a horizontal element which showcases the products.
The refrigeration body, consisting of the evaporator and condensing unit, is located inside the column, measuring 632 mm (24.88”) in diameter and made of high-density Baydur®.

The display case slots onto the column and consists of a case insulated with low-density polyurethane foam (40 Kg/m3) that is 60 mm (2.36”) thick. The sides of the case are made of Baydur® with high-density insulation and coated with RAL 9001 food-grade paint.
The display space consists of 2 or 3 trays coated on the back in white, featuring an  innovative mechanical system, patented by Ifi, which allows the top to slide towards the  operator, making it easier to serve customers with a single movement.
The display case has an electronic control panel with a digital temperature repeater on  the customer side.

Colonna has a single, heated front glass panel, which can be opened out 45° on the customer side to allow it to be easily cleaned.

The top, a single heated glass panel, is fixed and houses two perfectly integrated LED lighting sources, one on the customer side and the other on the operator side. The top is 852 mm (33.54”) deep so makes it a convenient serving space.

The LED lighting is modular and comes with 3 different colour temperatures: warm light (3000 K); cold light (5000 K) and intermediate light (4000 K), so the operator can customise the lighting on displayed products. The opening on the operator side is guaranteed by a system, patented by Ifi, consisting of double glazed doors which, when tilted, allow the trays to slide out towards the operator for easy serving.

The Colonna modules can be joined together by a partition glass panel to protect the flavours, aromas and different temperatures.

Why choose Colonna?

Freshly made

Perfectly preserves the flavour, appeal and properties of the food: the possibility to adjust temperature and ideal humidity based on product on display. The technological core enclosed in the column for gentle but efficient ventilation, and the double glazed door on the operator-side to keep the cold inside, guarantee the highest quality preservation of your products.


Perfection is in the details

Every element of Colonna is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail:
• Pull-out display tray (Ifi patent) to reach the foods with a single gesture.
• Front glass with 45° opening.
• Unique and original design.


Showcase your talent

Give your creations the visibility they deserve. The single-level display and modular lighting ensure an excellent view of products on display.