The first ever round, rotating display case. Discover a new way of preserving, displaying and serving your Gelato, Pastry and Praline creations, with a particular focus on protecting your health and the environment.

TONDA offers the perfect combination of ideal preservation of gelato in pozzetti counters and the appealing display of the flavours, a marvel of technology and quality which earned it an ADI Compasso d’Oro Mention and a call to be part of the Farnesina Design Collection and, above all, the unconditional love of an increasing number of artisan gelato-makers across the world.

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The circular movement of the pans, the airtight sealing and the advanced ventilation system all ensure that the temperature of pans is uniform, preventing the gelato maker from mapping based on temperature differences.

Tonda, globally unique in terms of its design and technology, embodies the display capacity of the traditional display cases and the perfect storage capacity of the Pozzetti units.

Thanks to its airtight seal, you don’t have to transfer the pans to a refrigerated cabinet at the end of the day.

Automatic evaporator defrosting, fixed and standard in normal display cases, is greatly reduced with Tonda and is activated intelligently (RDF System) based on a timer when opening the glass panel - operator’s side.

The operator can serve the gelato keeping the correct posture thanks to the clockwise or anticlockwise rotation of the pans, which the operator controls either by a pedal or manually to bring the gelato towards him (maximum pan arrival time 4.5 sec.).

Additionally, the operator does not need to put his hand or arm inside the display case where the temperature is much below freezing point (6.8°F -0.4°F).

Thanks to its airtight sealing, increased insulation and intelligent defrosting, Tonda provides energy savings of up to 25%, contributing to  environmental protection.

The complete visibility of the product, including for children, is guaranteed by the 7.5° inclined glass and the 32,60” height of the customer’s side of the case.

TONDA is available as a single model display case with 3 different base configuration options.

Display case diameter:
1356 mm (53,38”)

Base options:

  1. round,
  2. rectangular 1500 mm (59,05”)
  3. rectangular 1350 mm (53,14”);

All available in 12, 15 and 18 pan versions, lacquered finish in any RAL colour. The basic structure is made of tubular steel, epoxy powder painted at 356°F. The display surface moulded in AISI 304 polished stainless steel has been designed to hold 12/15/18 trapezoidal gelato pans.

There are LED lights at the sides of the display case: these are highly efficient, produce minimal heat and consume little energy.

The central flavours holder has been lowered so you can see the gelato and the flavour cards more clearly.

The refrigeration system is ventilated and has a radial evaporator to guarantee completely
uniform temperatures inside the pans.

The working temperature of the gelato display case is around 6.8°F to 0.4°F, though this can be lowered to -7.6°F for supercooling. TONDA
has been tested in a climatic chamber at 95°F with 60% RH.

A tropicalised version is also available: remote condenser unit tested at 109.4°F. Tonda is CE
certifi ed for Europe.


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Why Choose TONDA?

Multiple benefits in a single solution.

A carousel of flavours

Tonda is the first ever round, rotating display case. Discover a new way of preserving, displaying and serving your Gelato, Pastry and Praline creations, with a particular focus on protecting your health and the environment.


Freshly Made

With Tonda, you  can perfectly preserve the flavour, appeal and properties of the food thanks to the hermetic closure system, smart defrosting, which is activated based on the amount of time the display case is effectively open, and the consistently even temperature inside the display case.

Perfection is in the details

The first round and rotating display case, every element is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail: the clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the pans ensures improved ergonomics and operator well-being.