With Xylo, artisan gelato breaks out of the confines of your gelato shop. Equipped with 5 pans, each 1.3 kg, Xylo is designed to bring gelato into other food service environments such as restaurants, pastry shops and cafés, opening up to new and exciting possibilities.

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The supporting structure of Xylo is made
of galvanised tubular metal.

The external cladding, front panel and sides
are in galvanised metal with RAL 9010 matt
white epoxy powder coating.

LED lighting is available between the front
panel and plinth, as well as a kit with 4 hidden
wheels for easy handling and movement.

The display top is tilted at 9 degrees to optimise the visibility of gelato, and is fitted with a perimeter frame with LED lighting and food-grade PVC seal for hermetic closure of the upper glass.

The internal tank has been specifically
designed to house 5 gelato pans
in food-grade white ABS, each with 1.3 kg
capacity, supplied with the display case.

The refrigeration is ventilated with on-board or
remote condensing unit and defrosting is carried
out manually by shutting down the system.

For maximum service flexibility, it is possible to
choose between a single or double temperature.
The rear ventilation grille is removable for easy
access to the motor compartment.

Xylo is available with one level only.


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Why choose Xylo?

Freshly made

With Xylo you can preserve the flavour, appeal and properties of your Gelato: the perimeter frame includes food-grade PVC seal for hermetic closure of the upper glass, the possibility for 1 or 2 operating temperatures and the on-board (UC) or remote condensing unit allow you to optimally preserve your Gelato.


Perfection is in the details

Every element of Xylo is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail.

  • Panorama® technology.
  • White painted metal cladding.
  • Double glazed doors with hermetic and servo-assisted closure.
  • 4 wheels perfectly integrated into the structure.
  • Dedicated pans in food-grade white ABS.
  • Display surface tilted by 9 degrees.