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Please provide us with your expected daily servings.

Typically, there are 310 trading days in the UK.

Potential Profit 22,940

Using your product selection of Soft Ice Cream (2.5oz Cone) we have based this after VAT profit on a product cost of £0.12
  • RRP: £2.00
  • Less VAT: £0.4
  • Sub Total: £1.6
  • Less Product Cost: £0.12
  • Profit Per Portion: £1.48
  • Expecting Servings Per Day: 50
  • Net Daily Profit: £74
  • Trading Days: 310
  • Net Annual Profit: £22,940
Terms and Conditions
You should use your own judgement regarding trading days, price and volumes. Figures produced are illustrative only and do not form part of our contract of sale.