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The popularity of ice cream continues to rise – this summer, ice cream sales rose 3% on the year before. So, it seems that everyone loves a little ice cream but did you know that it could actually be good for you as well as a delicious treat?

  1. Eat ice cream and lose weight! Okay, if you eat three tubs a day this may not be possible. However, ice cream is full of calcium and calcium has been found to help keep the human metabolism running strong.
  2. It also helps to strengthen teeth and bones. Thanks to the calcium in ice cream, eating it can also contribute to providing essential strength to these key areas of the body. 90% of our teeth and bones are made of calcium so it can be a considerable benefit.
  3. Ice cream boosts dopamine. According to one study, eating ice cream increases dopamine levels, which help to keep human beings awake and alert.
  4. A daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Calcium isn’t the only healthiness you’ll find in ice cream. It also contains ingredients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A and riboflavin. Plus, you’ll get extra nutrients depending on the flavours you choose – for example, vanilla beans contain ingredients like zinc, manganese and magnesium.
  5. You’ll get an energy boost. There is sugar in ice cream and while in itself sugar isn’t that healthy for you, in the right amounts it can deliver the glucose that our bodies need to get through the day.
  6. Increasing immunity. The fermented nature of ice cream helps to strengthen the gut and also to provide a boost to your respiratory system. The stronger these two essential parts of the body are the more robust your immune system will be.
  7. Eat ice cream if you’re trying to get pregnant. According to one study those women who consumed one or more servings of high fat dairy, such as ice cream, had 27% fewer ovulation issues. So, ice cream might actually make it easier to conceive.
  8. The serotonin effect. Serotonin is a feel good hormone that can help to lift you out of a blue mood and which all of us need to feel happy and up beat. We all know that ice cream is a great comfort food but thanks to the serotonin boost it can deliver it can actually literally make you happy too.
  9. Avoiding calcium deficiency. There are many risks to not consuming enough calcium, which is a nutrient that is plentiful in ice cream. For example, women who are diagnosed with breast cancer all tend to share a calcium deficiency in common.
  10. More phosphorus = more sex. Ice cream delivers a boost of phosphorus, which has been found to increase libido.

If you get the urge to reach for a bowl of your favourite salted caramel or vanilla at this time of year these are just some of the reasons why it might be a great idea to give into it.