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What’s the best sweet treat to enjoy now that the seasons are changing? Ice cream of course! Autumnal ice cream can be fantastic on puddings, with warming alcohol or simply on its own enjoyed with a spoon. If you’re looking for some seasonal inspiration then here are 11 ice cream flavours that are ideal for autumn.

  1. A fruit granita. Whether it’s as a refreshing treat after a meal or an afternoon indulgence, a fruity granita with a dash of alcohol, such as brandy or champagne, is a delicious way to enjoy ice cream in the autumn.
  2. Fresh figs. If you’re already missing the abundance and warmth of summer then a bowl of ice cream made from fresh figs with a touch of cinnamon and sweetness, such as sugar or honey, can bring back some wonderful memories.
  3. White peppercorn ice cream. A flavour that delivers warmth is the perfect way to enjoy ice cream when the temperature starts to chill. White peppercorns bring a delicious heat to the sweetness of an ice cream at any time of the day or night.
  4. Deconstructed pumpkin pie. For those who love the taste of a pumpkin pie but are looking for something a bit different an ice cream flavoured with ginger, pecan or pumpkin is ideal.
  5. Actual pumpkin pie. Replace the standard filling of a pumpkin pie with the ice cream version instead for an exciting and creative way to enjoy this traditional autumn pudding.
  6. Honey ice cream. Honey, such as manuka, has a lot of health benefits and many people add it to drinks or puddings as a sweet, soothing extra. Honey ice cream has a subtle flavour that makes it a great alternative to vanilla and an easy upgrade for tarts, pies and cakes.
  7. Pure pumpkin. When pumpkin pie just isn’t pure enough, the simple flavour of pumpkin blended into a custard ice cream is a deliciously autumnal flavour choice.
  8. It’s one of the spices that is often overlooked in autumn but adds warmth and a kick to any dish. It’s especially good as an ice cream served with a hot pie or crumble.
  9. Spiced ice cream. If you’re not a fan of pumpkin based autumn flavours then traditional spices, such as cinnamon and clove, are wonderful in ice cream at this time of year. Combine with fruit like apples and pears – or cider – for a mouth watering seasonal indulgence.
  10. Rum and raisin. Dried fruit, dairy and a healthy dose of rum – it’s warming, comforting and works either as a snack or as a dessert.
  11. Ginger ice cream. Everyone’s favourite autumn spice, ginger is wonderful running through ice cream, whether as crystallised lumps or blended in to the ice cream itself.

If you love ice cream you don’t have to stop eating it now that summer is over. These 11 ice cream flavours are perfect for autumn and a real treat for anyone looking to celebrate seasonal tastes.

If you’re interested in serving your very own soft serve ice cream this autumn, contact us today to find out more about our soft serve machines.