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Although the year is starting to turn towards the warmer months we’re still very much in winter. However, that means that it’s the perfect time to start preparing for the significant increase in consumption that always comes when spring and summer arrive. Getting ready for peak demand now means that you’ll be able to optimise your resources and increase your sales when consumer desire for ice cream is at its highest.

Offer your ice cream in tubs

Super-premium tubs in particular do very well with consumers – sales of these items are up by more than 8% year on year. This is a great choice for ice cream loving customers all year round but there are particular opportunities during the summer months. Many well known ice cream names plan big launches for new lines in the run up to summer. Everyone from Ben & Jerry to Mars has used this time of year to get new tub products onto the market. So, if you want to tap into the taste for sharing that many consumers have when it comes to ice cream in February and March – and be ready for the summer rush – offering tubs is a great way to do it.

Make sure your freezer is a focus

Ice cream is often a spontaneous purchase and consumers can be heavily influenced by aesthetics. It’s a good idea to make sure that your freezer is prominently placed, both in terms of boosting your ice cream sales now and ensuring that you achieve consistent growth during the summer. You might want to draw attention to it with signs outside or put the freezer in a high traffic area where consumers are likely to pick something up on impulse.

Reconsider your range

According to the experts there are three key reasons that consumers buy ice cream. The first is to eat in the moment, often in a cone or on a stick. This is usually a more popular choice in the summer but some customers enjoy this in winter too. The second motivation is to eat that evening. Simple ice creams that are a good weekday indulgence or easy pudding will appeal to this particular group of shoppers. The last reason why consumers buy ice cream is essentially for a special occasion. That might be to enjoy as a treat at the weekend or it could be to celebrate a birthday or for a festive party, such as at Christmas, Easter or on a bank holiday. Bearing these three key motivations in mind, does your current range cover them all? Take home ice creams tend to be a preference in winter but it’s the impulse buys that you need to be prepared to capitalise on when the summer comes. Does your current range cater to this? Do you need to expand in order to be able to give customers what they really want?

Get ready for summer in these simple ways and increase the opportunities for ice cream sales when demand hits its peak.