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Whether you’re relying on statistics or your own personal experience, ice cream is incredibly popular with just about everyone. It’s a sweet treat that appeals across demographics and generations – and these are just some of the reasons why.

1. Ice cream is delicious all year round

Yes, a cooling dish of ice cream is great during the summer but that’s not the only season to indulge in it. Add to a berry pie in autumn, Christmas pudding in winter or a fruit crumble in spring to enjoy all year round.

2. It makes dessert easy

Because ice cream has such a broad appeal there is no fuss and no arguments – you can get different flavours for different tastes and everyone is pleased with what’s on their plate.

3. It’s a traditional mood lifter

Whether it’s heartbreak or injury, there’s (sort of) scientific research that shows that a bowl of ice cream will make you feel better pretty much straight away.

4. The flavours are always evolving

You might be a fan of the classics, such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Or perhaps you like a mint choc chip or salted caramel in your cone or tub. The great thing about ice cream is that the range and choice of flavours is always growing to accommodate the latest food trends and tastes. So, while you’re loving strawberry cheesecake this year, next year it could be bacon or brown bread that gets your taste buds going.

5. There’s no waste

With any other dessert, if it doesn’t get eaten in a day or so then it’s going to end up in the bin. That’s not the case with ice cream, as when you’ve taken what you want to eat from the tub you can simply put it back into the freezer for the next time you fancy some.

6. It’s a truly portable food

You can enjoy ice cream just about any time, anywhere – there are few limits on where you can eat it. Whether it’s in a cone, cup or tub all you need to do is make sure it doesn’t melt before you can enjoy it.

7. It has soothing properties

If you’ve spent all night talking with a best friend and lost your voice, or you’re not well and you’ve got a bit of a sore throat, there’s nothing better than a bowl of ice cream to help make you feel a bit better. It’s comforting and the cooling effect can also help to bring inflammation down.

8. You can make it yourself

If you’ve felt inspired by the ice cream you’ve tasted when you’ve been out and about then it’s not that difficult to create your own at home. Pick a flavour that you know you’ll love, from classic cookie dough to something really adventurous like balsamic and strawberry.

9. It goes with just about everything

Seriously – there isn’t much that ice cream doesn’t enhance when it comes to taste. Add it to a fizzy drink for a soda float, enjoy with a hot brownie, a breakfast pancake or even birthday cake.

These are just some of the reasons why everyone loves ice cream.