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Ice cream is a delicious treat all year round and if you’re a fan then no doubt you’re always looking for new ways to enjoy it. If you love a cone in the summer then why not opt for something new this winter by creating an affogato to try as a dessert? It’s sophisticated, simple to make and is a fantastic way to enjoy your favourite ice cream all year round.

What is affogato?

It’s a dessert that effortlessly achieves a delicate balance between hot and cold – and it has just two ingredients. All you need to make the perfect affogato is gelato and espresso. Scoop the gelato into a bowl – simple or decorative – and then make a good, strong espresso to pour over the top. For each scoop of ice cream you need to make around an ounce of espresso. It’s important to use the right amount, as if you have too little espresso you won’t get the taste sensation and if there is too much the coffee will overpower the gelato flavour.

Why is affogato such a perfect dessert?

  • Hot espresso and cold gelato is a real treat for the senses and the perfect way to surprise guests at a dinner party and get everyone talking. From temperature to texture it is an unusual dessert to eat.
  • The coffee and the ice cream are a dessert pairing made in heaven. Hot, bitter espresso that is combined with a cool, creamy gelato achieves the ideal balance when it comes to taste.
  • Everything melts… affogato is a transformative dessert so once the coffee has melted the ice cream you’ll get something else to enjoy. What’s left behind is a cooling, café crème-coloured pudding with a delicious and finely balanced taste.
  • You can make it from ingredients you probably already have at home. If you have an espresso machine and ice cream or gelato in the freezer then you can whip up this sophisticated dessert in a matter of minutes.

Tips for the ideal affogato

  • Chill the bowl or glass you’re going to use for the affogato so that it’s as cold as possible. Don’t allow the ice cream or gelato to thaw at all before you use it – it needs to be as cold as possible so that it won’t melt straight away.
  • Play around with different combinations of flavours. Which gelato works best with the coffee for you?
  • Don’t make the espresso in advance. It should be prepared right before you serve the affogato so that it’s as fresh as possible.
  • Think about adding some extras into the affogato. For example, you might want to sprinkle it with nuts or chocolate pieces or crumble biscotti over the top after you’ve poured in the espresso. There are lots of different ways that you can customise affogato as a dessert to make it your own.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy ice cream this winter affogato is a great choice. This stylish dessert is simple to make and a very easy way to impress.