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Ice cream is something that we all crave sometimes. It might seem like a much more natural choice during the summer but this delicious dessert can also be a big treat in the winter. Even when the temperatures are low outside there are still some very good reasons to make sure you keep enjoying your favourite flavours.

  • There are some types of ice cream that you only get in winter. For example you wouldn’t find a mince pie or eggnog ice cream on sale anywhere in June. So, this is a great time of year to explore these variations in ice cream flavours and to try lots of new options that you might not have tasted before. From gingerbread through to pumpkin pie there is plenty to choose from.
  • You can use ice cream to make winter puddings even more delicious. At this time of year we tend to reach for the hot desserts, whether that’s a crumble, pie or a hot fudge brownie. Ice cream has a lot to add to these seasonal favourites – it could just be a cool, creamy contrast to rich pudding flavours or it might add another whole dimension of taste. Experiment with different combinations, such as raspberry ice cream with a chocolate brownie or ginger ice cream with a berry crumble, and discover something new.
  • There’s no melt to worry about! Perhaps the only annoying thing about enjoying ice cream in the summer is that sometimes it can melt more quickly than you’re able to eat it. During the winter months this is unlikely to happen as the air outside is cold – so this is actually the perfect season to enjoy a cone and take your time with it, as you won’t have to worry about wasting any that melts.
  • Ice cream makes you happy. Seriously, if you’ve had a hard day at work, been dumped or got stuck in some terrible weather, getting home and curling up with a bowl of ice cream can heal everything. It’s a great way to treat yourself, whether you’re celebrating the end of a tough week or a winter birthday.
  • It’s soothing too. If you’re not well – especially if you have a sore throat – there are few things that are more soothing than a cooling spoonful of your favourite flavour of ice cream. So, if you’re suffering with a winter sore throat try medicating with vanilla, chocolate or mint choc chip and see how much better you feel afterwards.
  • There won’t be any queues! Not everyone has cottoned on to just how perfect ice cream is in the winter so wherever you like to get ice cream isn’t likely to be that busy. You’ll be able to enjoy all your favourite flavours without having to deal with the queues.

Ice cream is a great option in winter, whether you’re enjoying it as a treat or a regular dessert. Combine it with your favourite hot pud or try out some seasonal flavours and discover something new to love.