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The Worlds Best Gelato Ice Cream University discussed by Carpigiani UK

Carpigiani is known as one of the leaders in the supply of Commercial Ice Cream Makers across the world and we have over 70 years of experience of supplying businesses with World Class Ice Cream Equipment. Our success is driven by our world-class ice cream makers and our technical ice cream experts who train and support businesses to make delicious Gelato using our full Operator Training and Gelato Ice Cream University.

Our Carpigiani UK team have a vast amount of experience, expertise and knowledge of ice cream and the ice cream industry. The team have access to world-renowned ‘Ice Cream Masters’ and our team of technical ice cream experts, and this knowledge pool is the key to your businesses success. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the supply and manufacture of Gelato and Soft Serve Ice Cream, Drink and Display equipment for restaurants, ice cream parlours and ice cream vendors in the UK, and all over the world.

When you next buy an ice cream whether it’s from an ice cream van, an ice cream parlour or a restaurant check out if they are using a Carpigiani machine as they most likely will be. Carpigiani Ice Cream is known as the best and the delicious flavours and textures are second to none when it comes to ice cream.

Our Carpigiani equipment is supplied to our customers and includes delivery, installation and operator training as standard, and you and your team will have access to our world-class and renowned Gelato Ice Cream University courses which are run regularly by our ice cream experts across the UK.

We also have a spare parts provision team so if one of our engineers comes out to service or repair your machine and by chance, they don’t have the part they need we can still ensure you are back up and running and serving ice cream to your customers quickly.

Find out more about our ‘Carpigiani Gelato Ice Cream University’ …..

The Carpigiani Gelato University

In 2003 we established our Gelato Ice Cream University and expanded it worldwide to ensure every one of our customers has access to our ice cream masters and is able to learn the skills of making perfect gelato and ice cream for their customers.

Our Carpigiani Gelato Ice Cream University aim is teaching students from around the world how to make the perfect gelato artisan ice-cream.  The definition of Artisan is “a worker in a skilled trade and one that makes things by hand”. In our world today, machines help us with this but the philosophy of gelato still remains. Artisan Gelato is healthier and lower fat than ice cream, it is made in small batches using fresh, natural ingredients and served at a warmer temperature for a more intense flavour. The Carpigiani Gelato Ice Cream University attracts thousands of people from across the world every year for those who are interested in perfecting their gelato making skills or to learn the basics of gelato. The popularity of our courses has grown tremendously since we started in 2003 and we have a comprehensive training programme, cutting edge teaching and a team of internationally recognised Gelato Masters, with over 6,000 students passing through our courses globally each year.

Our Gelato University concentrates on delivering “the art and science of gelato production, the comprehensive training of gelato entrepreneurs, and the promotion of Italian gelato as a natural and flavourful food suitable for all cultures. Our students learn from our professional and expert technicians whilst working with our state-of-the-art gelato machines and facilities. Successful graduates of our University are able to bring back all the skills they have learned to open or perfect their own Italian gelato enterprise anywhere around the world.

Our Carpigiani Gelato Ice Cream University is recognised internationally for developing successful gelato entrepreneurs around the world.

You can see the Carpigiani facebook updates here to find out what is going on at Carpigiani and in the Ice Cream world as we speak.

Gelato Ice Cream University

Our Carpigiani Gelato University Courses

We offer a range of courses in locations around the country suiting new or experienced gelato entrepreneurs and we offer free monthly taster sessions which are ideal for anyone interested in gelato and the significant profit opportunity that artisan gelato can achieve for your business. If you are looking for new ideas, techniques, or just recipe inspiration then one of our Carpigiani University courses will help you.

As well as our introduction courses we offer a range of more advanced courses if you want to understand more about the science, the production process and the more advanced techniques of gelato production, these include; fruit gelato, gelato on a stick, single portion desserts and gelato cakes. The courses are held around the country and are run by our very own, highly experienced, Development and Training Chefs and can be anything from one to five days long. When you have completed any of our courses you will have the knowledge and experience to create your own recipes and have the ability to strategically plan the perfect mix to create bespoke recipes and flavours for your business. Everyone who attends one of our courses receives a certificate to celebrate their participation and completion which shows their commitment and the skills they have to produce wonderful frozen desserts, artisan gelato and sorbets.

Our Carpigiani Gelato University Day 1 Introduction Course

Our free of charge, Day 1 Introduction course is available to anyone who is interested in Gelato and this could be for an existing business or someone who is considering opening a gelato shop or selling gelato from their new business. The objective of the course is to teach the basic theoretical and practical concepts necessary to produce superior quality gelato for aspiring gelato entrepreneurs who have no knowledge or experience in the world of gelato up to this point.

Our half day Introductory course is held at our 3 locations in the UK; London, Glasgow and at our UK Headquarters in Hereford and starts at 10:30 am and finishes at approximately 15.30.

Our Carpigiani Gelato University 1 Day Food Professional Course

Our 1 Day Food Professional course is held in our London classroom and is aimed for chefs and food operators that wish to learn and understand more about gelato and desserts for their restaurant or food vending business. All attendees need to attend Module 1: The Science of Gelato before any other module is booked. The other modules include:

  • Savoury gelato
  • Gelato and sorbet with alcohol and infusions
  • Artisan stick, single portion desserts, novelties
  • Gelato cake, semifreddo and textured desserts

Our Carpigiani Gelato University 3 Day Intermediate Course

Our 3-day intermediate course is the next step from our 1 Day Food Professional Course and is designed for future gelato entrepreneurs who want to become gelato artisans. This course takes place at our Hereford Headquarters and caters for smaller groups of between 6-8 attendees. The course is designed for aspiring gelato entrepreneurs who have no experience in the world of gelato and want to grow their knowledge and expertise. The objective of the course is to teach theoretical and practical concepts which are necessary to produce superior quality gelato for your business. You will learn the science of gelato and its components, you will make gelato and sorbets with fruit and work with gelato and different infusions. You will learn about and understanding making gelato for food tolerances, you will produce yogurts and different fruit pochee’s and produce different sauces for production. It really is a full 3 days of learning and it includes 10 hours of theory-based learning and 10 hours of practical learning where you will get involved in making the perfect gelato.

Our Carpigiani Gelato University 3 Day Advanced Course

When you have completed both the 1 and 3 Day Introduction courses, our 3-day Advanced Course is the natural progression course for you or your team.  The course is held in our Headquarters in Hereford and is held with a smaller group of 6-8 people as there is a lot to learn and it is quite intense. The course content includes:

  • The Science of Gelato
  • Sugars & Stabs
  • Alcoholic Products
  • Small Pastry
  • Semifreddo /Spumoni
  • Sorbet

Carpigiani UK Services

Carpigiani Service & Support Services

Our service and support services are second to none and they are an integral and crucial part of our business, ensuring that you don’t experience equipment downtime as we understand that this can be the biggest hidden cost to your business. Our Carpigiani Service Desk team are ice cream experts and are ready to take your call if you need us. When the team have established what you need they will quickly take action to ensure it is resolved and if this isn’t possible they will quickly dispatch one of our 50+ skilled Carpigiani dedicated technicians based throughout the UK. We pride ourselves in our technically advanced equipment which produces the most amazing ice cream and we understand that our service support team compliment our ice cream equipment by consistently offering the highest quality and efficient support and repair service.

Our Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators are set by us, our team and our customers and this ensures we consistently and continually reduce our response times whilst increasing our first-time fix rates.

Carpigiani UK Service Contracts

At Carpigiani we offer a fully inclusive service contract which is a great way to ensure your business plans for any costs associated with your ice cream equipment as well as ensuring it is fully serviced and always running at its most efficient and optimum level. Our Service Contracts offer an extended warranty period and incorporate an annual planned preventative maintenance visit which ensures the smooth running and reliability of your equipment, minimising costly downtime. We offer service contracts for all new equipment purchased of up to 5 years.

Carpigiani UK Spare Parts Supply

We invest a huge amount into our spare parts stock to ensure we keep our customer’s ice cream equipment running efficiently. We consistently review our stock items held to ensure if one of our engineers needs a part we can dispatch it quickly. Managed by our dedicated Spare Parts Department our spare parts are available for direct dispatch to you from our HQ stock holding on a next day basis. All our technicians hold ‘van stock’ spares that are monitored and restocked regularly to ensure they can be dispatched and carry out first-time fixes for our customers without delay.

Carpigiani UK Teorema System

The Teorema system allows us to monitor the operational efficiency and reliability of an individual appliance remotely. We are able to access it through our dedicated online portal, via a computer or mobile device and the system provides us with analysis of usage, efficiency and cleaning cycles and it also alerts the operator of any potential malfunctions. The Teorema system allows our engineers to provide you with remote diagnostic support when you need it, keeping your equipment running smoothly.

At Carpigiani we provide you with the whole package and one of our team will come out and visit you at your business to discuss what you are looking for, how much profit you can expect from your Carpigiani equipment and which system would be best for you. When you have chosen your equipment we will plan how and where it will be installed, it will be ordered, delivered and fitted and you and your team will be provided with full operator training. When you have placed your order we will plan for you and your team to attend our 1 Day Food Professional Course at our Carpigiani Gelato Ice Cream University to get you started and when you are up and running our team will then talk to you about the next steps in you and your teams Carpigiani Gelato Ice Cream University training journey with us.

Contact us today on 01432 817369 and get ready to start your journey with us.