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Every year, the Gelato Festival is held in a number of locations worldwide to bring together the best gelato artisans in Italy, Europe, the US and Japan.  The travelling festival is hosted by Carpigiani in search of the world’s best gelato, and celebrating some of the best international Gelato chefs.

A history of the Gelato Festival

The Gelato Festival was started in Florence in 2010 by Gabriele Poli, a Tuscan entrepreneur looking to dedicate an event to artisanal gelato, expanding the event to other Italian cities and then Europe as popularity of the event grew. In 2017, the Gelato Festival spread to the US, following to Japan by 2018.

Gelato Festival World Masters

In 2018 and 2019, the Gelato Festival World Masters was started, to allow competitors to be judged by a technical panel of industry leaders and qualify to become the World Champion. Stages are held across the different continents before the 36 finalists are brought together to compete for the title. The next Gelato Festival World Masters final will be held in 2021, and the competition as a whole aims to involve 5,000 gelato artisans from around the world, and to generate a 15% increase in trade.

What is the Gelato Festival?

The Gelato Festival invites the best artisanal gelato professionals to put their creativity to the test, and gives them a chance to compete in the Gelato Festival World Masters directly. Every year there are new flavours which amaze the jury and participants at the Gelato Festival are given the opportunity to showcase new flavours and idea and earn a spot in the finals of the Gelato Festival World Masters. Gelato chefs can register to take part for free here.

This year’s Gelato Festival

This year’s Gelato Festival is running on dates from 19th June, beginning in Wien Baden and finishing on September 29th in West Hollywood. On Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June, the Gelato Festival 2019 will be coming to London. It will be held at Canopy Market in King’s Cross, just off Granary Square, where 16 of the greatest artisan gelato chefs will be hosted.

What’s on this year?

Included in your ticket price is a bracelet which is your day pass. It includes a map of the Festival, and gives you access to try all the flavours in the competition, including special flavours. You can also attend the courses and games hosted at the Gelato Village, and vote for your favourite flavour.

Get your tickets to the Gelato Festival in London and see other dates around the world here to get involved.