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Professional Gelato Ice Cream Machines from Carpigiani

Read about our Top 3 Selling Professional Artisan Gelato Ice Cream Machines here.

BOIL 5 Heater Gelato Ice Cream Machine1) BOIL 5 Heater Gelato Ice Cream Machine – Model Number: LABO 14 20 M

Boil 5 is a semi-automatic unit that is designed to be placed on the top of a batch freezer. It can be used to prepare cold mies for sorbet and hot mies for ice cream. You can select up to 85°C for pasteurising products. Once the product has reached the correct temperature you can add immediately to the batch freezer to start the cooling process.

Hourly production of this sturdy and reliable machine is 14/20 kg / 20/28 Litres. Minimum Litres of mix quantity per batch is 2 and maximum is 4. It has a 200 or 380 Voltage, 50 Cycles, 3 Phase Power Supply and 2 kW, 2 Speed of installed power. The beater motor is 2 speed, it is condensed with water and it’s net weight is 181 kg. Its size is 440 by 730 by 1280 mm. This is one of our truly great artisan gelato ice cream machines.

LABO 8 12E Countertop Batch Freezer

2) LABO 8 12E Countertop Batch Freezer 

The LABO 8 12E is a countertop batch freezer for the production of artisan gelato and sorbet. The machine produces a minimum of 1.2kg and a maximum 2.5kg per batch with an overall production of 12kg per hour. This is our most popular countertop batch freezer for the production of artisan gelato and sorbet. It is really compact so suitable for smaller professional kitchens and is loved by chefs all over the world. The Labo 8 12E which is just one of our gelato ice cream machines delivers high-quality products in under 10 minutes per batch, so suits a busy restaurant, cafe or parlour.




LABO 14 20M Batch Freezer

3) LABO 14 20M Batch Freezer

The LABO 14 20M Floor Standing Batch Freezer is for the production of artisan gelato and sorbet. You can produce a minimum of 2.5kg and a maximum of 4kg per batch and 20kg per hour. This is the starting point of our floor standing batch freezers and is suitable for any restaurant kitchen or catering facility. Believe us you won’t be disappointed with this piece of equipment and only one of the gelato ice cream machines we can supply.




What you need to know about our Artisan Gelato Ice Cream Machines

The definition of Artisan is “a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that makes things by hand”. Today’s machines help us in our busy businesses however, the philosophy remains. Gelato is healthier and lower in fat than other ice creams and is made in small batches, using fresh, natural ingredients being served at a warmer temperature for a more intense flavour.

Gelato Ice Cream Machines Journey

To produce good gelato you need quality, raw ingredients and to follow a key process: There are 5 core steps, in the process of making artisan gelato:

1. Pasteurisation
Pasteurisation is a heat treatment that ensures the safety of the ingredients and preservation of the gelato. After heating, the liquid mixture remains at an elevated temperature for the time necessary to guarantee the process; then cooled rapidly before being stored at a maximum of +4°c.

2. Homogenisation
Gelato is produced by continuously stirring a mixture containing milk, sugar and natural flavourings as it freezes. A mixer is an indispensable tool for mixing, homogenising and diffusing any solid or fibrous ingredients into the mix. This helps obtain a consistent and uniform base.

3. Production
Any syrup or flavours that are required are introduced into the cylinder and mixed through with the agitator. During this phase, the machine incorporates air into the mix and begins to freeze as the base makes contact with the side of the cylinder, forming tiny crystals which give gelato its smooth characteristic.

4. Blast Freeze
The gelato is extracted from the machine at -7/ -9°c and should then be placed in a freezer capable of further reducing the core temperature to -12°c as quickly as possible. This helps to keep the structure, texture and taste of the gelato while in storage or when served.

5. Store, Display and Serve
Carpigiani provides a wide range of display cabinets, each one perfect for displaying your artisan gelato safely and attractively. For more information on our range, see our ‘display & design’ section.

Gelato Ice Cream MachinesAbout Carpigiani

Carpigiani UK Ltd is the direct trading subsidiary of its parent company, Carpigiani Ali Spa, the undisputed leading manufacturer in the ice cream equipment world for over 70 years.

Carpigiani UK boasts a team with a vast amount of experience with access to world-renowned ‘Ice Cream Masters’ and technical experts – our knowledge pool is the key to your success. We have a direct sales force covering the entire UK ready to receive your enquiry now. All our equipment is supplied including delivery, installation and operator training as standard.

World Class Machines

Carpigiani supply soft serve, artisan gelato, drink and shake, pastry and catering machines which turns fresh ingredients into a sumptuously creamy product in sometimes a matter of minutes.

Premium Quality, Express Service

If you need to offer a quality dessert in a time pressurised environment then a Carpigiani machine is right for you, delivering quality, fresh products which are difficult to beat.

Carpigiani Gelato University

Our Gelato University was established in 2003 to educate students in the art of artisan gelato and soft serve ice cream. Today, Carpigiani Gelato University is recognised internationally for developing successful gelato entrepreneurs around the world. Featuring a comprehensive training programme, cutting-edge teaching and a team of internationally recognised Gelato Masters, over 6,000 students globally pass through our courses each year.

At Carpigiani UK our Introductory sessions offer a complete range of courses in locations around the country. Our free monthly taster sessions are ideal for anyone interested in gelato and the significant profit opportunity that one of our artisan gelato ice cream machines can achieve. So whether you’re looking for new ideas, techniques, or recipe inspiration, check out our website for the next available date for an introductory course near you.

We also offer a range of more advanced courses for those looking to understand more about the science, the production process and more advanced techniques such as fruit gelato, gelato on a stick, single portion desserts and gelato cakes. From 1-5 day training courses which are run by our very own, highly experienced, Development and Training Chefs. Upon completion you will have the knowledge to create your very own recipes, strategically planning the perfect mix to create a bespoke offering for your business or kitchen. You will receive a certificate of your participation, demonstrating your commitment to producing wonderful frozen desserts, artisan gelato and sorbet using your own gelato ice cream machines.

Carpigiani offers the best Commercial Soft Serve and Gelato Ice Cream Machines in the industry, and our team are there to help you decide which is the best one for your business and profits. Give us a call today on 01432 817271.