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It might sound controversial but the opinion that eating ice cream is actually better in the winter months is starting to become more widespread. As we head into the deepest and darkest season of the year ice cream sales are probably at their lowest. And that means many people are missing out, not just on a number of interesting nutritional benefits, but also on a great big dose of wellness too.

Ice cream in winter – better than meditation?

The meditation trend grows stronger by the year and 2020 looks like no exception. As a result we’re all starting to become more familiar with the idea that stopping for a few minutes and focusing on just one thing can actually help your brain to evolve in a positive way. If you struggle to stay Zen when you’re meditating – or you’re looking for a way to supplement sitting with your eyes closed in a meditative state – try eating an ice cream cone. No, really. This can be a truly immersive experience if you really commit to it. You need to eat that ice cream before it drips off the cone and onto the pavement and really savour every mouthful. Getting to the end of the cone can be a lesson in the shortness of experiences and learning to stay in the moment until that moment is completely over (and the ice cream eaten).

Why is ice cream better in the winter?

Some people argue that ice cream actually has its origins in winter and not during the hotter months of the year when we are traditionally more likely to consume it. That’s because one of the earliest forms of ice cream was created by Ancient Rome’s Emperor Nero from the snow sitting on nearby mountains – he asked for this to be brought to him and flavoured with juice. There are a number of other reasons why winter is the perfect time to indulge too:

• Nutrients and calories. Ice cream contains a whole range of good ingredients, as well as good tastes, from calcium to vitamins such as B12 and D. These are quickly absorbed and the calories in ice cream can be broken down and used for energy for the body at a time when we often feel sluggish and slow.
• Ice cream won’t melt (too quickly). Various experiments have been carried out and one found that you could have up to 162 minutes to enjoy your ice cream cone on a 21-degree day without it melting. So, in winter there is no need to rush – you can savour every mouthful in a truly meditative way.
• You deserve a treat at this time of year. Winter can feel hard and there’s a lot of darkness – a little ice cream can bring in some pleasure and light when it’s most needed.

Winter is actually the ideal time to get back into ice cream and start exploring the seasonal flavours that won’t be around when the weather warms up. From nutritional perks to cheering up dark days there are many reasons to enjoy ice cream at this time of year.