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Have you ever thought that a refreshing ice cream is just what you needed in the hot summer sun, but when you’ve started to eat it, you’ve found it’s been a race against time to finish it before it melts? So we’d like to propose that ice cream is much better in the winter months!

Start the New Year with ice cream!

2020 is fast approaching, and so many of us make resolutions each year. Yet, 2 months into the year, approximately 80% of us have abandoned the “new us” and given up on our new habit already. We believe the secret to this is to disguise your resolution like a Trojan horse – in other words, to disguise it as something else. Just as you’d hide your pet’s medicine in a treat, we reckon that delicious ice cream and your latest fitness goals fit together perfectly for a resolution that you won’t give up on.

Where does ice-cream come in?

When you’re eating lovingly-created gelato or ice cream, your focus is primarily on consuming this delectable treat, stopping the drips as you go. This is the perfect way to take in the moment and savour a moment of wonder in the busy world we live in. New Year’s resolutions tend to be restrictive or brutal, but ice cream is a simple delight when the weather is dark and gloomy.

Ice cream in the winter

Customers may choose to eat less ice cream in the winter months as a whole, but the ice cream market is worth £8 million in the UK alone. The demand is there, and let’s not forget that the origins of ice cream began in the winter months, when Emperor Nero requested that snow was brought down from the mountains and flavoured with fruit juice. If we can’t enjoy the indulgence of ice cream around Christmas, and in the winter months, when can we? And if that’s not enough, science shows that the process of warming, digesting and converting the ice cream to energy in the body actually cause your body temperature to rise… and warming you up!

Luxury is not seasonal

According to Godey’s Lady Book, published in 1850, Ice cream is “one of the necessary luxuries of life.” We believe that luxury should not be limited to the seasons. It’s interesting to note that it’s possible to increase sales by up to 15% just by simply restocking some of your best-selling items, and since 70% of ice cream bought in the winter is bought as an impulse buy, you could utilise these principles to ensure your customers are enjoying your delicious products all year round.

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