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Apr 20, 2022 3:10:46 PM

What’s New?

It’s no surprise that functional ingredients are trending, food with benefits has been on the cards for quite a while and a certain ‘virus’ has accelerated this movement somewhat. A shift from healthy food to food with health benefits has seen a raft of new ingredients come to the fore and we’re seeing fortified food and drink products hitting the shelves as well as a boost in the usage of the fruit and vegetables that contain some of these benefits in abundance. Immunity has understandably been a key focus and vitamins C & D as well as Zinc are finding their way into many foods and drinks.

We’re also still seeing the rise and rise of plant based. This is no longer a trend, it’s here to stay and a recent Bloomberg Intelligence report (Plant-Based Foods Poised for Explosive Growth) estimates the global plant based market could increase to around $162 billion over the next decade (from $29.4 billion in 2020). That’s some serious growth, and foodservice plays an important role in this progression as it’s easier for consumers to buy a lunchtime meal, try a latte or indulge in a plant based dessert than to buy them in retail and create a dish themselves. We’ve been working with our friends @Northern_bloc to create a delicious plant based soft serve recipe, it’s seriously good and you’d never know it’s dairy free.

And finally, let’s talk sugar. Sugar has been the bad boy of our diets for decades yet it’s really hard to replace it with anything else. We’ve tried sweeteners – natural and artificial, and they don’t tend to make a great gelato, but monk fruit seems to be promising, it has a similar profile to sugar and so far, we’re liking the results. Keep following @carpigianidessertclub to ensure you’re up to date on all the developments.

So, whether you’re looking to work with protein, vitamins, minerals or antioxidants, read on for a quick summary of the ingredients we’re loving right now.

ice cream-1

Ticking all the boxes for vitamin C, anthocyanins (anti-inflammatory) and fibre, ube is the inspiration for a popular South East Asian dessert - Ube halaya. This purple yam also delivers on taste and adds a vibrant hue to a dessert. Sweet and creamy, the ube tastes amazing in gelato and is one ingredient we expect to see more of.

Also packing a colourful punch is the acclaimed tumeric, a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it adds a big hit of colour to any dish (and also to your hands and ‘white’s so take care when using it).


A favourite of ours, yuzu is rich in vitamin C and often described as a combination of grapefruit and lemon. Perfect for desserts, this Asian grown fruit is apparently best sourced from Japan where its rich aroma is unrivaled due it being grown mostly in inland mountain areas where there is a considerable temperature gap between day and night. 



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Case Study Swoon Gelato | Bristol

The brainchild of owner Bruno Forte, whose family have been producing real Italian Gelato for well over a century, Swoon’s ethos focuses on using only the finest ingredients from around the world and combining them with a traditional process known for giving gelato its distinctive, smooth texture and delightful flavour.

Bruno starts by saying: “I had been considering setting up a gelato business for a number of years. With limited knowledge and experience myself, I took the decision to sign up for an intensive course which would at least allow me to understand the basics. Having researched different options, I decided to join the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy.” As the global leader in the manufacture of gelato and ice cream equipment, Carpigiani offers unrivalled expertise and decades of experience in the market. As Bruno says:

“My team and I worked closely with Carpigiani UK, who helped us design the layout and worked closely with us to specify the equipment we would need to handle the extensive range we wanted to offer and the peak demand we expected to generate.”

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