Why should you eat ice cream or gelato in the winter?

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Nov 28, 2019 2:30:18 PM

At this time of year the burning question isn’t choosing between ice cream or gelato but whether you should be eating either of them at all. Winter is traditionally a season of hot soups and warming puddings, as opposed to a season when we’re looking for a cooling treat. However, it’s actually also the perfect time of year to enjoy an ice cream or a gelato – whichever you prefer – and there are some very good reasons for this.

Winter is a pretty emotional time

Maybe you’ve just ended that summer fling or you’re struggling with the dark days and bad weather. It’s a fact that a bowl ice cream or gelato can make you feel better whether you’re nursing a bad head or a heartache. If you’re feeling physically low it can be soothing and if your emotions are all over the place it’s a great way to give yourself a treat.

You don’t have to deal with melting

Remember the last time you ate ice cream or gelato in the summer and half of it ended up running down your wrist? At this time of year the temperature is much lower and there’s less sunshine about. So, if you’re going to enjoy a cone or a tub of ice cream, right now, you get to eat it all with no melting.

There are nutritional benefits

And, let’s be honest, at this time of year most of us will take all the nutritional benefits we can get. Eating ice cream or gelato will give you a big dose of calcium, which helps to develop strong bones and teeth. You’ll also get Vitamin D, which is particularly difficult to come by in winter, as the days tend to be less sunny. Plus, if you’re female, ice cream also delivers a shot of Omega 3, which can be especially useful in helping to reduce the pain from period cramps.

It’s a different experience at this time of year

While you might enjoy ice cream or gelato in a cone or tub in the summer there are many more versatile options for eating it in winter. For example you could add it to an apple crumble or a delicious pecan tart. There are also lots of different flavours to try at this time of year, from a seasonal pumpkin through to a celebratory champagne.

It’s a reason to be cheerful

Eating ice cream or gelato just makes us feel better and is often something that we’ll do with friends. It’s one of life’s pleasures, something to celebrate and be grateful for, whether you’re enjoying it with a film on a quiet night in or as a fun pudding with sparklers on New Year’s Eve. At a time of the year when it’s easy to feel down and unhappy, ice cream or gelato helps us all to be a little more upbeat.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s a great idea to enjoy your favourite ice cream or gelato all year round.

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