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Gelato is essentially the Italian version of ice cream. Creamy, colourful and tasting of holidays and sunshine, gelato is hugely popular. It also comes in a very wide range of different flavours – these are the top 10 as far as we’re concerned.

1. Biscotti

It would be difficult to find a comparable ice cream flavour to biscotti gelato, as it’s pretty unique. The gelato is made from actual biscotti blended with hazelnut and cinnamon, creating a wonderfully rich and complex taste, as well as adding a bit of crunch to the texture.

2. Panna cotta

If you’re a fan of this milky dessert then you’ll love the gelato version. The dominant flavour in panna cotta gelato is caramel and it has just the right balance of creaminess and sweetness – a portable pudding in a gelato cone.

3. Pistachio

It’s a simple, classic choice when it comes to gelato but consistently one of the most popular too. The humble pistachio gelato can be a bold green or a gentler shade but always has that mouth-watering nuttiness to compliment the creaminess of the gelato.

4. Salted caramel

It’s just not possible to compile a list of top 10 flavours of anything today without salted caramel, so popular has this taste become. That’s especially so when it comes to gelato, which is ideal for the combination of salt and sweet that makes this such a delicious flavour.

5. Lemon

If you’re in Italy then sampling the lemon gelato is an absolute must, especially if you’re staying anywhere near the Amalfi Coast. Lemon gelato can be served in a cone or, for that extra touch of authenticity, in half a scooped out lemon instead. You’ll be surprised by how creamy this gelato is, as well as tangy and refreshing.

6. Strawberry cheesecake

It’s hard to beat a gelato that is designed to taste like one of the most popular desserts of all time. Strawberry cheesecake gelato has all of the fruitiness, creaminess and biscuity tastes and textures that you’d expect from eating a slice of the pudding itself.

7. Dark chocolate

If you’re a chocoholic – or you just love the occasional square – then dark chocolate gelato is an absolute must-try. Dark chocolate gelato has the consistency of a gooey brownie, and the taste of rich cocoa, a combination that is hard to beat.

8. Stracciatella

This is probably one of Italy’s most famous gelato flavours and one that every dessert lover needs to try at some point. It’s essentially the gelato version of chocolate chip ice cream – soft vanilla with hard drizzles and chunks of chocolate added in.

9. Fruit flavours

It’s all too easy to overlook the fruit flavoured gelatos when you’re picking the contents of your cone but they really are some of the best. In particular, we’d recommend a wild strawberry gelato if you’re looking to cool down on a hot day.

10. The chocolate top

Not a flavour as such but gelato dipped in chocolate – which hardens on the outside – is becoming increasingly popular. No matter what flavour is underneath you get a chocolate hit with every bite.

Gelato comes in a broad spectrum of tastes and flavours but these are the top 10 to try.

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