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Even the coldest climates can enjoy ice cream – and many would argue that this is in fact the best time to enjoy the sweet treat! If you’re picturing eating a deliciously cool ice cream in the summer months, but struggling to image the same in the cooler seasons, here are 5 reasons why winter might actually be the most ideal time to enjoy ice cream after all…

Soothe that sore throat

This is the time of year where colds and viruses are going around. Perhaps you’ve already been caught by one of these, and there’s nothing worse than a sore throat that just won’t let up. This is where ice cream comes in. Not only will it soothe your irritated throat, but it can provide the energy, plus calcium and other benefits, that your body needs and may have been lacking through finding it hard to eat normally.

No need to queue

In the heat of the summer, queues for ice cream can be extremely long… and extremely hot! In the winter, you’re unlikely to have to queue at all, and you can then enjoy a seat and relax in your favourite ice cream place in your ideal spot. You could read a book or browse online… whatever you’d do in a coffee shop… and you could even have a coffee with your ice cream too.

Enjoy your ice cream for longer

That’s right – you can savour your treat for even longer than in the summer months, without the heat melting it so that you have to eat it extremely quickly! With the cooler temperatures, your ice cream will last longer, which means you can actually enjoy it more than you would on a warmer day.

Perfect in a cosy spot

If the cold still puts you off, then why not enjoy the bliss of savouring the most wonderful ice cream in a cosy spot. Why not enjoy it by a fireplace, while on a skiing holiday staying warm in the ski lodge, or even in your lovely, warm car.

Don’t miss out on winter flavours

Winter flavours are the best! Have you tried milk and cookies? What about mince pie flavour, or a festive chocolate mint? There are so many variations of ice cream, that are simply described as “winter” flavours and may only be available in the winter time. Not eating ice cream in the winter is missing out on huge flavour combinations that are not to be missed!

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