Soft serve season has officially arrived. For businesses looking to add extra revenue with takeaway or eat-in, soft serve can be extremely profitable while taking up hardly any room at all. 

Whether your business is a café, bar, restaurant, or beach hut, space can be the biggest limiting factor to growth.  Adding a premium soft serve machine that sits quietly front of house, only needs a plug and yet can deliver delicious soft serve at a rate to suit your business is the answer.

Having your own soft serve machine usually works out much cheaper than buying in pre-made ice cream and Carpigiani has created a profit calculator to help you to see just how much you could save by installing your own machine. All our machines are delivered and installed by Carpigiani and we are always on hand to help out with recipe development or any questions you may have.        

 If you’re new to the world of soft serve, you can ease in slowly by using off-the-shelf base mixtures for soft serve, sorbet, or frozen yoghurt. If you’re feeling brave, you can create something yourself!  

If your business is oriented around natural and organic ingredients, you can ensure only the finest artisanal products make it into your homemade softserve. Perhaps you offer exclusively vegan products; in which case you can experiment with unique recipes using dairy-free alternatives to milk, like our friends at Northern Bloc, who offer a plant-based ice cream. The demand for vegan products can justify a higher price point, and producing them yourself ensures a higher profit margin. Or, if your business is known for elaborate aesthetics, you can create vibrant soft serve that acts as a great starter for candy floss, sparklers, and sweet treats. The personalization opportunities are limitless, but sometimes, vanilla soft serve in a cone with a chocolate flake really is all we need!

The Best Artisan Gelato Machines

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Case Study Swoon Gelato | Bristol

The brainchild of owner Bruno Forte, whose family have been producing real Italian Gelato for well over a century, Swoon’s ethos focuses on using only the finest ingredients from around the world and combining them with a traditional process known for giving gelato its distinctive, smooth texture and delightful flavour.

Bruno starts by saying: “I had been considering setting up a gelato business for a number of years. With limited knowledge and experience myself, I took the decision to sign up for an intensive course which would at least allow me to understand the basics. Having researched different options, I decided to join the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy.” As the global leader in the manufacture of gelato and ice cream equipment, Carpigiani offers unrivalled expertise and decades of experience in the market. As Bruno says:

“My team and I worked closely with Carpigiani UK, who helped us design the layout and worked closely with us to specify the equipment we would need to handle the extensive range we wanted to offer and the peak demand we expected to generate.”