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From Instagram to the mainstream media, the freakshake has done what few other sweet drinks ever have and achieved an impressive level of fame. If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be looking at when it comes to freakshakes, they are essentially multicoloured, over the top hyper-milkshakes that frequently come piled high with scoops of everything, from cream and biscuits to cherries and chocolate. Freakshakes are not just a social media phenomenon because they look good but because they taste fantastic too – especially if you have a sweet tooth. So, where did they come from?

Freakshakes – the origin

Freakshakes actually hail from Australia. Although Sydney may have been home to the country’s first ever milk bar (which opened in 1932 on Sydney’s Martin Place), the freakshake was invented in Canberra. Australia’s original milkshakes didn’t even contain ice cream, let alone the myriad of ingredients that you’ll find in a freakshake today. Although there is some debate over the exact inventor of the freakshake, many believe that the first one was the work of Pâtissez cafe in Canberra. The freakshakes from this establishment come in mason jars and they are piled high with cream and sauce, maybe even waffles or cookies. The freakshake has become so incredibly popular, partly because they are such an extreme combination of drink and pudding, partly because they taste so good but also as they are pretty photogenic too.

Everyone loves a freakshake

Currently, there are more than 13,000 photos on Instagram tagged with #freakshake, from the Unicorn Freakshake to the Death by Chocolate variety. In fact, the freakshake has inspired an entire trend with many restaurants and cafes taking it further. The ‘freakaccino,’ for example, is a freakshake with a shot of espresso added to it. There are also different options for different tastes, including the vegan freakshake, which uses plant milks and vegan ice creams.

How to make a freakshake

Although this type of indulgence is usually enjoyed when out and about you can also make freakshakes yourself at home. The basis is a simple ice cream milkshake – choose your favourite ice cream flavours and blend with milk and maybe some fruit. The milkshake needs to be thick enough to support everything that you’re going to be piling on top. Find yourself an oversize glass for the confection – a mason jar is perfect if you have one. Often, the edge of the freakshake glass is decorated with chocolate ganache or something like marshmallow fluff. You can then pile whipped cream on top of that and any of your favourite toppings, whether that’s strawberries or sweets. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy – remember that you might need a spoon to eat your freakshake and it’s fine to share!

The freakshake is a fun invention and a great example of a social media food trend in action – and it just wouldn’t be possible without ice cream. If you haven’t sampled the freakshake yet, perhaps today is the perfect day to do it.

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