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Gelato is a delicious treat all year round, whether you’re trying it on holiday in Italy or enjoying it at home. It’s a versatile dessert and comes in a much broader range of flavours than ice cream – plus, it has a soft and creamy texture that makes it feel like a particularly indulgent pud. However, the experience of eating gelato is not the only positive that it can generate – there are also some other benefits to enjoying a regular bowl.

Unexpected health benefits

Gelato has a fairly simple and straightforward list of ingredients that usually revolves around milk, cream and sugar. As a result, a couple of scoops or a bowl can deliver a range of nutrients, from Vitamin D to calcium and potassium. The flavour of the gelato can also have an impact – for example, if you’re enjoying gelato with high quality dark chocolate you’ll also get all the antioxidant benefits of that additional ingredient.

A better option than ice cream?

Sometimes, yes. For example, if you’re looking to enjoy a sweet treat but you’re trying to minimise fat content gelato is a good choice. That’s because it contains less fat than ice cream – but you won’t lose any of the enjoyment because it still has a rich and creamy taste. In fact, many people believe that gelato tastes better because it has less fat and, as a result, requires less sugar to balance out the flavour.

Digestive benefits

Some types of gelato can provide a boost to your digestive system – for example, the enzymes in pineapple gelato can help your digestive system to function more effectively. If you’re visiting Italy then you may often find that you’re given something like a lemon sorbetto in between courses to help your body better digest the food, especially if it’s a big meal.

More energy

The carbohydrates in gelato are simple sugars and these are very easy for the body to break down and integrate as energy. So, if you’re looking for a quick energy boost you’ll find one in delicious form where gelato is concerned.

A feel good food

Sometimes a little bit of what you really fancy can do you good – especially if it’s a mouthwatering bowl of gelato. Not only that but eating gelato may also scientifically help you to feel better. For example, it can release serotonin and tryptophan, which are both key to helping the body to relax if you’re feeling stressed. Gelato may also raise your dopamine levels, which can help with concentration and energy.

It just tastes great!

Giving yourself permission to have what you enjoy in life is all part of a rounded experience and living life to the fullest. Gelato tastes great and if you’re a fan then you’ll get a little pleasure hit from savouring something that you genuinely enjoy.

Gelato has a lot of benefits, from the nutrients it can contain to the impact it can have on your mood. It’s a delicious treat that can make life even sweeter.

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