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Find out everything you need to know about the 2018 Ice Cream Expo

Where is the Ice Cream Expo?

The Ice Cream Expo is held in the UK every year and is located in Harrogate. Harrogate is a true gem and is a spa town in North Yorkshire. Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, the town is a tourist destination and its visitor attractions include its spa waters and RHS Harlow Carr gardens as well as hosting the Ice Cream Expo every year.

What is the Ice Cream Expo?

The Ice Cream Expo showcases and demonstrates what is new and unique in the ice cream industry, everything from new and old Ice Cream Flavours, Ice Cream Recipes, Ice Cream Trends, Ice Cream Vehicles to Ice Cream Equipment.

What is the Ice Cream Alliance?

The Ice Cream Expo is run and supported by the Ice Cream Alliance membership association which is an organisation which promotes the Ice Cream industry and supports its members. The Ice Cream Alliance members are Ice Cream Retailers and Van Drivers and the Ice Cream Alliance’s aim is to encourage and support the production, vending and consumption of premium ice creams and other frozen treats in the UK. It supports its members to learn more about ice cream and the ways they can protect and grow their businesses in these fickle and sometimes unpredictable times. Its a great organisation with a great ethos of looking out for, and supporting their members to be as successful as they can be.

Who attends the Ice Cream Expo?

The Ice Cream Expo or Ice Cream Convention is supported by Ice Cream retailers from across the UK and it is a trade show which hosts Ice Cream Vendors and Supplier Stands to showcase cones, flavours, equipment, signs and much much more to existing and new ice cream retailers showing them what is new and current in the industry, helping them and their businesses to be more successful.

Why would you attend the Ice Cream Expo?

Attending Ice Cream Expo’s regionally, nationally and worldwide will give you a wealth of insight into the Ice Cream industry and access to hundreds of ice cream retailers and suppliers who’s knowledge and expertise is second to none. It is a must do if you are thinking about or starting up a new ice cream business, or if you have an existing business that incorporates ice cream into its offerings. As an existing ice cream retailer, you will learn everything new about ice cream and what will make your business stand out from the rest.

What can I expect to see at the Ice Cream Expo?

There is a deep-rooted Ice Cream Van tradition in the UK and the show displays old and retro ice cream vans and trucks demonstrating and reinforcing the history of ice cream in the UK.

The Ice Cream industry is heavily influenced by the Italian and European Ice Cream market and the show demonstrates the best quality and the best tasting gelato, and low-fat ice cream options. You will learn so much about these at the Ice Cream Expo from both suppliers and other retailers.

There is a huge emphasis on the presentation of ice cream products in the UK and the show gives you the opportunity to see the unique cup and cone concepts that are available for you to offer your customers.

The Carpigiani UK Team attends the Expo every year and showcases its Gelato University Programme which was initially started in 2003 and has been providing the best Gelato training programmes to Ice Cream Retailers for over 15 years.

There is now a heavy focus on businesses having the best industrial and commercial ice cream machines, batch freezers and servers in the UK and the Expo gives you the opportunity to see the machines, how they work and talk to the suppliers to enable you to decide the products that are best for your business.

You will meet the suppliers of giant 3D ice cream roadside signs which will catch your customer’s eye over the conventional swing signs.

It really is a one-stop shop for everything ice cream and definitely one not to miss if you are an existing or start-up ice cream retailer, or if you just love ice cream and everything that comes with it. You can join the Ice Cream Expo on 13th – 14th February 2019 and you won’t be disappointed.

Ice Cream Expo

What are the benefits of becoming an Ice Cream Alliance (ICA) member:
You gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, available through the ICA’s dedicated team
You can attend training courses and seminars covering all aspects of ice cream making all at discounted rates
You have an opportunity to enter their prestigious National Ice Cream Competition at discounted rates
You will receive discounts on Insurance and Free HR online services
You will receive a Free copy of their monthly publication ‘Ice Cream’ dedicated to the Ice Cream Industry
You can find out more about becoming an ICA member here

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About Carpigiani

Carpigiani is a leading manufacturer in ice cream equipment in the world and has been in operation for over 70 years. Our UK team have a vast amount of experience and access to world-renowned ‘Ice Cream Masters’ and technical experts and this knowledge is the key to your success. We have a direct sales team who cover the entire UK and will come out to meet you and see your business as many times as you need. All our equipment is supplied including delivery, installation and operator training as standard. We manage spare parts provision, training facilities and all pre and post-sales services including the ‘Carpigiani Gelato University’ – from our HQ in Hereford and further locations in Glasgow and Reading.

Carpigiani Gelato University

Our Gelato University was established in 2003 to educate students in the art of artisan gelato and soft serve ice cream. Today, Carpigiani Gelato University is recognised internationally for developing successful gelato entrepreneurs around the world. Featuring a comprehensive training programme, cutting-edge teaching and a team of internationally recognised Gelato Masters, over 6,000 students globally pass through our courses each year.

At Carpigiani UK our Introductory sessions offer a complete range of courses in locations around the country. Our free monthly taster sessions are ideal for anyone interested in gelato and the significant profit opportunity that one of our artisan gelato ice cream machines can achieve. So whether you’re looking for new ideas, techniques, or recipe inspiration, check out our website for the next available date for an introductory course near you.

We also offer a range of more advanced courses for those looking to understand more about the science, the production process and more advanced techniques such as fruit gelato, gelato on a stick, single portion desserts and gelato cakes. Our 1-5 day training courses are run by our very own, highly experienced, Development and Training Chefs. Upon completion you will have the knowledge to create your very own recipes, strategically planning the perfect mix to create a bespoke offering for your business or kitchen. You will receive a certificate of your participation, demonstrating your commitment to producing wonderful frozen desserts, artisan gelato and sorbet using your own gelato ice cream machines.

Carpigiani After Sales & Service

Ice cream machines need regular maintenance and servicing to ensure optimum efficiency and our Teorema after-sales device has been made to optimise maintenance according to your individual utilisation. The system increases the efficiency of your machine and provides you with a wide diverse range of service options. This results in a machine that will present predictive routine maintenance along with reductions in the expense of operation and running.

The monitoring process is based on actual use and this will reduce the risk of unpredicted outages. This is computed to the volume or amount of ice cream which you produce instead of running on a timer of typical intervals. The unit also indicates appropriate mixing required to add according to the cleaning routine that you want. This saves on mixing spend along with preventing imperfect pasteurisation. It aspires to scale back waste and this will generate saving on the cleaning of your appliance.

Contact Us

For more information on our Ice Cream Machines and Equipment and the service we provide to each and every customer, please give our Carpigiani Customer Service Team a call on 01432 346018. We remain at the forefront of technical innovation, advancement and expertise in the ice cream industry and our team and customers are supported by our highly skilled and experienced in-house customer service team who will answer any query you have and give you any advice you need at any time.