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Latest News in the World of Ice Cream Compiled by Carpigiani UK

Carpigiani UK has compiled the best, most relevant, funniest and strangest news stories relating to ice cream for April 2019. The news last month predicted great weather for the Easter holidays and beyond into the Summer. It looks like 2019 is going to be another bumper year for the ice cream, soft serve and gelato industry:

Ice cream shop to open at city pub

Sweet-toothed Hereford shoppers could soon have something new to celebrate in the city centre.

Perhaps in anticipation of another scorching summer, a busy Widemarsh Street pub has added another string to its bow with an ice cream stand soon to open.

Offering a range of ice creams including soft serve, real dairy and the big-name favourites, the new concession is located in one of the highest footfall areas of the city and makes use of one of The Wellington pub’s Widemarsh Street facing windows.

Carpigiani was delighted to have been chosen as the supplier of the machinery and welcomed them to the family

Artisan Italian ice cream shop to open its first UK store in Newcastle

“We Love Puro” has been selling gelato and coffee from shops in Italy and Spain for several years, but has chosen a former city centre betting shop as its first UK branch, reports the Chronicle Live.

You may have seen it on your holidays, but now this artisan Italian ice parlour is opening its first ever UK branch in Newcastle.

We Love Puro has been selling gelato and coffee from shops in Italy and Spain for several years but will be expanding into the UK market in 2019.

And the Italian franchise has chosen a former betting shop in Newcastle city centre as its first outlet.

A planning application has now been submitted to Newcastle City Council for the proposed site in Pilgrim Street.

The plans promise “a new artisan Italian coffee and ice cream shop – which provides a departure for customers from the standardised branded coffee shops in the area”.

Ice cream news - we love puro

They include the refurbishment of the existing unused retail space, which is over three main levels.

The main space will be on the ground floor which will include the serving station for both the coffee and ice cream, limited seating and an accessible toilet.

The first floor will include further customer seating areas and further toilet facilities, and the second floor consists of back of house areas to include staff areas and preparation/storage facilities.

The application said: “The proposed development offers a great opportunity to bring vacant retail space in a thriving area of the city back into sustainable use.

“The proposed operator We Love Puro are an established artisan coffee and ice cream brand in Italy and Spain – and the refurbishment will bring to Newcastle a truly unique leisure offering – this opportunity should be embraced.”

It added: “More than 18 million people visited the area in 2017 – providing Newcastle with a wealth of potential customer opportunities for We Love Puro.

“The proposed site is located adjacent to both the Theatre Royal and Tyneside Cinema – both popular local attractions with high footfall in a key market demographic.

“It is also located opposite to the new STACK development which includes a number of restaurants and bars drawing people to this particular part of the city centre.

“The surrounding areas also include retail uses and office uses – all of which will benefit from a wider diversity of leisure offerings and provide strong marketing potential for We Love Puro.

“The existing site is currently vacant retail space in a prime city centre location, we understand it was previously used as a betting shop.”

No Chocolate? Woman Takes A Baseball Bat To Restaurant

It can be disappointing to try and order your favourite flavour and be told they have run out, but a woman in St. Louis took her frustrations out in a chilling way, reports the online website

Incensed that a St. Louis restaurant had run out of chocolate ice cream, a female suspect went on a 2:25 AM rampage, breaking out the restaurant’s windows with a baseball bat and spitting on employees, according to police.

Officials are seeking the public’s help in identifying the woman who trashed the Rally’s Hamburgers outlet on March 27th.

According to a St. Louis police summary, investigators classified the incident as a burglary and listed three women as victims. The suspect, cops say, became “enraged after ordering her food” and “then used an aluminium baseball bat to break the glass windows of the business” and threaten the victims (none of whom were injured).

Investigators say the woman went ballistic after Rally’s workers informed her they only had vanilla ice cream available. Upon learning that there was no chocolate ice cream in stock, she spat on employees and then set upon the business’s windows with a baseball bat

It is unclear whether the woman entered Rally’s with a baseball bat or retrieved it from her car upon learning that no chocolate ice cream would be forthcoming.

The suspect fled in a grey SUV before police responded to 911 calls from the restaurant.

Police described the suspect as a black woman between the ages of 25 and 35. She was wearing blue jeans, a green jacket, and a yellow shirt during the attack.

Brits reveal ice cream is their favourite dessert with Sunday roast

Thought to have been in decline, however, a new report shows that a Sunday roast is still a UK family favourite. The favourite dessert ingredient? Ice cream.

More than half of Sunday roast fans choose ice cream as their perfect pudding, according to a new study detailed in Cornwall Live.

When it comes to the traditional ‘Sunday roast dinner’ most people follow up their weekend meal with a delicious serving of ice cream to accompany other British classics.

According to the 1,500 respondents polled, top of the perfect desserts pile was apple pie and ice cream (23 per cent), closely followed by a crumble and ice cream (22), with sticky toffee pudding and ice cream in third (19).

Ice cream favourite ingredient with Sunday RoastThe study also revealed beef has been dethroned as the nation’s most-loved roast for the first time… by the humble chicken. Researchers polled the nation and discovered almost three quarters (74 per cent) of Brits insist the traditional Sunday roast is still their favourite meal. However, beef – long regarded as the king of roast meats – has been toppled in favour of chicken, with 28 per cent preferring it to beef (26).

When it comes to the components of the perfect Sunday roast, researchers found that the dream Sunday dinner should be eaten at 3pm at home, and comprise of roast chicken, stuffing (41 per cent), roast potatoes (68), broccoli (38) and peas (36); be smothered in gravy (66); and finished off with a generous serving of apple pie and ice cream (23) for a great sweet finish to their Sunday.

New shop selling vintage clothes and ice cream opening in Cornwall

Adam, a former digital designer, said that whilst he previously had no chef experience, the artisan ice-creams have been a runaway success, reports Cornwall Live.

An unusual shop opening in Penryn this weekend combines two favourite pastimes – vintage clothes shopping and eating ice cream.

Blue Jeans and Moonbeams was the brainchild of Penryn man Adam Coftantin and his sister-in-law Charlotte Levy.

Adam had previously been running the ice-cream business Cecil on Ice, operating from a vintage caravan to sell at weddings and events.

When he decided to find a permanent home for the company so that he could invest in equipment to make new artisan ice creams from scratch, he decided to team up with Charlotte, a curator and seller of vintage clothing, to bring something different to their home town.

It was a big step to expand from the little bar on wheels to a full shop and one that the entrepreneur has plunged all of his life savings in to.

Adam, 35, said: “The first £10,000 I borrowed from my wife’s inheritance after her grandma died, she supported me to buy the van.

“It went really well and I paid her back through the money from all of the events. We now have two little boys and had started saving to buy a house.”

He added: “We have used all of our savings for a house deposit to buy all the machinery from Italy to go in the shop so that we can now make all of our ice-creams ourselves.”

Adam, a former digital designer, said that whilst he previously had no chef experience, the artisan ice-creams have been a runaway success.

“I’m not a chef or anything, I used to be in marketing and digital design so I’ve completely changed professions,” he said.

The biggest seller, however, has been the company’s vegan ice creams.

Adam said: “We have nine different ice creams, four are dairy free and five have dairy, so it’s almost an equal offering for vegans and non-vegans alike.

“I think parents especially have been struggling, there are more and more children needing dairy-free options and it can be hard to find ‘treats’ and good options.”

The shop will also be selling rails of hand-picked vintage fashion pieces, homemade vegan cakes and a selection of local teas and coffees.

“We’re hoping that we’re offering something for people to get excited about,” Adam added.

“Penryn’s high street was feeling a little bit like it was falling behind, there were a few empty shops, but there are people doing things along there now and I think the high street is changing, I think it will become more arty and creative.

“We wanted to be part of the community.”

While the shop has already “softly opened” it will celebrate it’s new home with a grand opening this Saturday, April 20, between 10.30am and 4.30pm.

Adam said: “We’ve softly opened already and we’re having out official opening this Saturday to try to introduce ourselves to the community.

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