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Ice Cream News July 2018 Compiled by Carpigiani UK

With the good weather continuing, ice cream is a popular subject for news outlets. We have compiled our favourite news stories relating to ice cream, including free ice cream giveaway in Plymouth, should you share an ice cream with your dog and unusual ice cream flavours this month are “square sausage” and “Raw Herring” flavours.

Free Ice Cream in Plymouth Today Only 13th July 2018

Strongbow is giving away FREE Dark Fruit ice cream today

Strongbow is giving away free Dark Fruit ice cream on the Barbican today – a one time opportunity to taste it reports Devon Live.

The unique ice cream is only sold in Glasgow, but Strongbow fans have chosen Plymouth as one of three cities to taste the cider lovers dream dessert.

The purple treat will be available at The Three Crowns, today, between 12pm and 8pm from a specially kitted out truck, and is only available to people over 18.

Kyle Gentleman, an ice cream maker in Glasgow, is a super fan of the beverage and became a viral hit earlier this year, clocking up millions of views when he dreamt up the idea.

Dark Fruit fans were desperate to try the ice cream so Strongbow put out a nationwide poll to ask customers which three cities should be visited on the tour.

A spokesperson for Strongbow said: “Fans in Plymouth proved their love for the drink as it was voted one of the three cities the truck should visit.”

Mr Gentleman said: “I’ve made ice cream for most of my life, I have always experimented with new flavours.

“As a massive fan of Strongbow Dark Fruit, I had the brainwave of making a Dark Fruit ice cream flavour and I couldn’t believe the response.

“I posted it on Facebook and millions of people were liking and sharing the news, and now the team at Strongbow have given me an amazing opportunity, travelling the UK getting Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream to thousands of people.”

A spokesperson for Strongbow said: “Head to The Three Crowns from 12-8pm and look out for the specially kitted out ice cream van to claim your free Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream.

“Make sure you and your mates aren’t disappointed and get there early to try out the #SDFicecream.”

The truck is also visiting Birmingham and Manchester as part of the tour.

Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream is 1.1% ABV and is only available to people aged 18 and over and challenge 25 will also be in force.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, from Strongbow said: “How could we ignore the millions of people asking to try Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream?

“So we had a brainwave of our own – let’s just make it happen!

“We set to work on an epic ice cream truck and Kyle started making gallons of it ready for the fans.”

Square sausage ice-cream goes on Edinburgh hotel menu

A new dessert with a Scottish twist has gone on the menu of an Edinburgh hotel – square sausage ice cream reports BBC Scotland.

Dairy firm Glen Urr has joined forces with Apex Hotels to reinvent the breakfast dish.

It will go sale to celebrate national ice cream day on Sunday at the chain’s Grassmarket hotel.

The square sausage ice cream is served inside a brioche bun with toffee drizzle, to look like brown sauce.

Chef Vladimirs Kruus said: “I have to say I’ve never worked with such an unusual ice cream.”

He added: “We decided to serve it on brioche buns as the bread is slightly sweet, and this will be toasted and dusted with icing sugar.

“We have also whipped up a toffee drizzle that’s similar in colour to brown sauce, so it really is a sweet equivalent of a classic roll and square sausage.

“There’s no mistaking the distinctive taste of Lorne sausage, so this is definitely one for the adventurous.”

The star ingredient of Lorne sausage was sourced from Grierson Brothers Butchers in Castle Douglas before being cooked up, grated and added to the mix.

Ice cream for Astronauts?!

“Astronaut ice cream” may be the most infamous of all space foods. The freeze-dried treat is sold in stores on Earth, but according to NASA astronauts and the National Air and Space Museum, likely never actually made it into space report CNN.

So what does ice cream really look like on the International Space Station? It looks like what you can buy at the grocery store.

Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev posted photos to Twitter on Thursday showing off a selection of frozen desserts delivered by the recent SpaceX Dragon resupply mission.

“#Dragon brought some ice cream and tangerines to the #ISS,” Artemyev wrote. He thanked NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor for the edible gifts.

The photos show the crew holding chocolate-covered Dove and Snickers ice cream bars still in their wrappers. They are exactly like you’ll find in boxes in the frozen aisle in US stores. There’s no silver packaging and no crunchy freeze-dried Neapolitan bars in sight.

While the myth of space ice cream has been busted for years, it’s still heartening to see the ISS astronauts get to enjoy frozen desserts just like those of us stuck down here on Earth.

Is it OK to share an ice cream with your dog?

A video of a woman offering her ice-cream cone to a black dachshund sprawled at her feet has gone viral. The setting is idyllic: a picnic blanket in a park on a hot day. After the dachshund has had its fill – 22 licks, according to the Daily Mail – the woman tucks her hair behind her ear and returns the cone to her own mouth.

“A lot of people do it. I have seen it at the seaside. But I wouldn’t,” says Sarah Wright, the editor of Your Dog magazine and owner of a Norfolk terrier who “sticks his nose into everything; the smellier the better”. But is it really any worse to eat food your dog has licked than to let your dog lick your face? “That’s true,” she says. “My dog licks my face and I don’t mind that. It’s more of a hello lick,” she adds.

The problem is that dogs like eating other dogs’ faeces, fox faeces, goose faeces, whatever faeces are available in the park. “There will be bacteria in a dog’s saliva,” a spokesperson for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home says. “Probably just a word of caution on that. It’s up to an owner whether they want to share something with their dog, but they could end up with an upset stomach.”

The British Veterinary Association is less permissive and “strictly” advises against sharing food “on grounds of pet and human health”. Maybe the video of the woman peacefully offering her cone to the dachshund has made dog owners shy, because the ones I ask are unanimously disapproving, even though one admits, on condition of anonymity, that “everybody does it”.

Leaving aside the risk to humans, ice-cream isn’t good for dogs. Battersea warns against it “because of the sugar, and because some dogs can be intolerant to dairy”. Wright objects on the grounds of contributing to the dog obesity crisis. A couple of dozen licks of ice-cream, she says, “can be the equivalent of a couple of cheeseburgers” for humans.

So, what summer treats can a dog enjoy? “Frozen yoghurt restores bacteria in the gut,” says Jacob Van Nieuwkoop, the managing director of Purple Bone, a lifestyle dog retailer. “If my dogs have an upset stomach, I let them lick it; it’s a source of probiotics.” However, he doesn’t share his own ice-cream.

Fiona Woods of Fiona’s Diggidy Daycare in Brixton advocates “frozen Kong toys filled with dog treats and peanut butter”, while Battersea suggests ice cubes. If you are wedded to the idea of ice-cream, you could try Doggy Ice Cream, which comes in carrot and old sock flavour (AKA cheese and sweet potato). It’s made from human-grade ingredients, so if you scoop it into your own mouth by mistake, no harm was done.

Raw Herring Flavoured Ice Cream

It is not often that an ice cream parlour makes it into the Netherlands’ national news, but that’s exactly what happened when Robin Alting started selling raw herring ice cream in his shop in Rotterdam. Though Dutch diners are known for their love of herring, the incorporation of the fishy favourite into sweet ice cream was a step too far for some, reports the Atlas Obscura.

The divisive flavour is a frozen blend of raw herring, onion, sugar, and cream. It’s been described as having the texture of traditional ice cream but the strong taste and smell of herring. Perhaps this pungency is the reason Alting suggests sampling his unique creation in small portions rather than several big scoops.