Cocktail Trends

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Jun 17, 2022 8:15:39 PM

Classic espresso martinis and cosmopolitans may be a staple that will never go out of fashion, but with the saturation of the cocktail market, consumers are constantly looking for something new. The worldwide cocktail market is currently valued at over £68 million. According to the Guardian, 7.4 million people opt for a cocktail when at a bar or restaurant – up 13% compared to pre-lockdown figures – with 43% of that indulging at least once a week. Keeping on top of trends and standing out from the crowd has never been so important. We’ve broken down 6 of the biggest trends in cocktails right now. 

  1. Leading the way

    @thealchemist, the edible cocktail is as sustainable as it is innovative. The EdibleOne,  made from Manzana Verde, Avallen Calvados, lime sherbet, salted caramel, apple juice, and white chocolate foam, is served in an edible vegan cup made by Stroodles, and you have 40 minutes to drink it before it disintegrates.  We’d probably get through it faster than that, but good to know we have 40 minutes. Young upstarts @thunderboltla haven’t been around long but are moving the cocktail market onwards with donations to local charities and pledges to make cocktails as sustainable as possible, (whilst also incredibly intriguing).  Who doesn’t want to try, an Echo Park Trash Can (LO-FI Gentian Amaro, Cognac, Cacao, Orange, Coconut, Vanilla) with $2 from each cocktail going to The Echo Park Trash Club.  Just take my money now.
  2.  Alcoholic Slushies 

    Perfect for summer, alcoholic slushies can bring out the inner child in everyone. Margaritas, strawberry daiquiris, and sex on the beach are all ideal for slushie-flying. And there’s nothing easier than a machine that can do it all for you… watch this space for news, we have something very new and very exciting coming very soon.

  3.  Soft Serve Cocktails

    Using soft serve in cocktails is the perfect way to create a dessert/drink. All the glamour and sophistication of cocktail with a hit of delicious sweet soft serve. Transform a classic espresso martini into an Italian Espresso Affogato by shaking vodka, coffee liquor, and espresso together, and pouring into a cocktail glass with a generous shot of soft serve. Not only does this elevate the aesthetic, but also adds a rich creamy depth to this almost bitter classic. Soft serve is extremely versatile for creating smooth and cool summer sips.

  4. Evolving Menus

    For major cocktail inspiration, we head to @Farzilondon and their new Vedika menu of 12 cocktails aligned to star signs. Blended with centrifugal machines, and a sonic homogenizer these cocktails are aligned to your star sign, think earth or air elements, secretive Scorpios, and the ingenious Virgo’s Kanya in the West  (“Kanya” in Hindi refers to the Indian solar calendar, which falls at the same time as the western star sign of Virgo). 

    The Lab 22 team in Cardiff won the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award in London at The World's 50 Best Bars 2021. Up against some serious competition, the Lab 22 menu is just plain incredible. Theories + Frontiers was their menu entry and it included a ‘drop matrix’ to help customers decide which drink to order. Their 'Where To Next You Goin’, helps guests to decide where to go next and supports local businesses. Each cocktail is thoroughly researched to ensure the team come up with a new take on the classics such as their Snakebite Negroni.

  5. Food Pairings

    Instead of food pairings, consider a dessert and drink smashed together. Tiramisu, Eton mess, strawberry daiquiri…  the combinations are endless.  Flavored liqueurs are perfect with soft serve or alcoholic slushie to make a delicious liquid dessert.

  6. Alcohol-Free Mocktails

    According to Forbes magazine, the demand for alcohol-free drinks has risen sharply to 31%, with many people opting for low or no alcohol cocktails for health-related reasons. Many establishments are now actively offering responsible alternatives to alcohol for those wanting a healthy alternative to alcohol or designated drivers. Mocktails offer the perfect alternative and can look just the same as their alcoholic counterparts. With a range of non-alcoholic spirits available from big brands, mocktails are more convincing than ever. 

7. Ice Cubes!

And let’s not forget the ice! What’s a cocktail without ice? It is a fundamental component of most cocktails and mocktails.  It’s there because many drinks are simply more refreshing when chilled and the ice can also help to bring out flavors of the other ingredients as well as improve the overall texture of a drink. The type of ice is also an important consideration in relation to the style of drink being created;  crystal clear, slow-melting ‘Gourmet’ or ‘Bistrot’ ice cubes, or a faster melt, chewable ice cubes for blending? It’s a key ingredient in a cocktail and requires consideration when developing drink recipes. Check out ice experts IOM for more information.






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